Stephen A. Smith Claps Back at Dr. Umar Johnson After Defending Dallas Cowboys Owner


Stephen A. Smith clapped back at Dr. Umar Johnson on his podcast Know Mercy with Stephen A. Smith after the psychologist said he was coonin’ and deserved 150,000 lashes during an appearance on the Breakfast Club podcast.

Johnson was discussing a picture of Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jonesblocking Black students from entering North Little Rock High School in Arkansas in 1957 when he was 14.

Smith had previously said that Jones didn’t deserve the backlash he was receiving. After Johnson described the violence the students were subjected to by simply trying to go to school, he asked why Jones should get a pass when he knew exactly what he was doing.

“Now, Stephen A. Smith says Jerry Jones don’t deserve this. He don’t deserve to be held accountable for his part in supporting one of the most racist events in American history which was the desegregation of America’s schools.”

The Breakfast Club host Charlamagne tha God interjected and asked Johnson how many lashes Smith deserved for defending Jones.

“Stephen A. is probably up to 150,000 lashes right now. For his coonin’,” Johnson replied.


Smith responded on his podcast and questioned why Johnson would make such a statement.

“I don’t know any human being alive I would wish 50,000 lashes on,” said Smith. “Respectfully, how low can you go? Just because I said the man is in a still photo, you would say something like that about me? Never met you, don’t know you. Educated brother, I wish you nothing but the best.”

“But you would wish that upon another human being…a brother? Really? That’s how low you would go?”

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