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Swizz Beatz Says He’s Spent Millions Of Dollars For His Camel Racing Team — But Was It A Good Investment?


Back in 2020, Swizz Beatz entered a new business outside of Hip-Hop — camel racing.

Tapping into the venture led the music maven to become the first African-American and Westerner to own a camel racing team in the Middle East, as previously shared by AFROTECH™.

“I had it in my mind for so long,” Swizz Beatz told Variety. “My friends out there have teams, friends’ parents’ families in Dubai [United Arab Emirates] have teams. That’s how I had access to knowing what to look for, how to pick your fleet, understand the bloodline, find the best trainers. I did extensive research and was there for a month straight doing it. I had the heads-up for a while but didn’t push the button until COVID. It sounded big, amazing and a lot of work, but I just wanted to do it. It feels like it came fast, but it was a long process.”

Following snagging 20 trophies including the Saudi Camel Federation Cup, per AFROTECH™, Swizz Beatz has his eyes set on another win. According to Bloomberg, he has spent millions of dollars on his camels for his racing team, the Saudi Bronx, and he is competing for a $21 million prize in Saudi Arabia’s AlUla Camel Cup — running April 24-27. The outlet describes the competition as “one of the world’s richest camel races.” With his team of 52 camels, four are set to race solo in the AlUla Camel Cup.

“It’s a very good investment if your teams are winning,” Swizz Beatz told the outlet.

Along with competing in the AlUla Camel Cup, the Grammy-winning record producer is an investor in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia via his creative consultancy, Good Intentions, the outlet details. Moreover, he will  DJ at AlUla on Wheels, an immersive skating rink that he launched in Saudi Arabia.

As AFROTECH™  previously told you, Swizz Beatz has considered bringing the camel racing culture to the U.S. With all of the success that he’s accomplished, it’s still an option he’s exploring.

“I would wanna master it a little bit more and learn and understand a few more things before expanding it to the other side,” he shared with Bloomberg. “I don’t think that it will be too long down the road.”

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