The Chef Behind Doritos Limited-Edition Spicy Jalapeno Chips Fights Food Insecurity


Meet Chris Williams, the chef and changemaker behind Doritos’ new limited-edition Spicy Pineapple Jalapeno flavor.

As part of Doritos’ SOLID BLACK program Chef and Changemaker Chris Williams of the award-winning restaurant Lucille’s designed the new flavor with a jalapeno kick and tangy pineapple taste inspired by his community in Houston.

Williams isn’t just celebrated for his skills in the kitchen. In addition to creating a renowned restaurant, Chef Williams’ work as a changemaker includes his nonprofit Lucille’s 1913 which provides daily meals to underserved populations in and around Houston.

Named in honor of his great-grandmother, Lucille’s 1913 is set to receive a $50,000 donation from Frito-Lay to support Chef Williams in his commitment to fighting food insecurity in his community.

“It is such an honor that Doritos has recognized the impact Lucille’s 1913 has had on the Houston community,” Williams said.

“I know that my great-grandmother, who was both a trailblazer and changemaker herself, would be proud to see our impact being acknowledged through the Doritos SOLID BLACK program. With this donation, Doritos SOLID BLACK and Frito-Lay will help the Lucille’s 1913 community farming program that works to combat food insecurity and bring more nutritional and fresh foods to underserved populations.”

Courtesy of Doritos

The new flavor highlights Doritos’ continued dedication to spotlighting Black creators and Black Changemakers. In addition to being created by Chef Chris, the exclusive packaging for Doritos Spicy Pineapple Jalapeno was designed by Mz. Icar, an anonymous art collective comprised primarily of Black women who explore the histories and future of women and people of color through art.

The design represents growth and prosperity, in hopes of inspiring Black Changemakers to thrive.

“This is the second year that we’ve had the opportunity to share a message through the brand’s SOLID BLACK packaging,” the Mz. Icar artists said.

“In this year’s design, we centered the artwork around the concept of thriving, which means to grow, prosper and flourish. We channeled these concepts into this piece and offer it as a hope for the present and future.”

Doritos Spicy Pineapple Jalapeno is available for a limited time beginning Monday, July 24 through October at stores nationwide and for purchase online through Snacks.com for $5.99 for an XXL 9.0oz bag and $2.49 for an XXVL 2.625oz bag. The flavor follows Doritos new commercial dedicated to amplifying and showcasing the impact of the 2023 Black Changemakers.


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