The Lady In the Yellow Dress Looks For Her Boo But Finds Stacey Abrams


The viral sensation Shuntel Renay in her yellow-ish dress has been just the burst of sunshine on our social media timelines that we need — especially during one of the most confusing political seasons.

We’re talking to you Georgia!

While all eyes are on a number of hotly contested seats this midterm election season, Georgia is definitely on our minds in two cases: Senator Raphael Warnock’s ridiculously tight race against former football pro/fake cop Herschel Walker and Stacey Abrams’s fair fight for the gubernatorial seat against abortion extremist Brian Kemp.

Well, Shuntel who has made waves by wearing a teenie-eenie-weenie,  tight-fitting yellow-ish dress while searching for her boo — a skit only meant for laughs as she lands in the most ridiculous places doing a classic dance — has now found a new friend in  Stacey Abrams.

And the move is well played on Abrams’ part.

Abrams, a Democrat, is down to her last few weeks campaigning to beat Republican incumbent Kemp and the race is tighter than Shuntel’s itty bitty dress.

Abrams brushed off concerns that she lacked Black support in Georgia, calling it a “manufactured crisis.”

The Fair Fight founder insisted she is polling well with Black voters in Georgia and is not concerned with Gov. Kemp’s attempts to pull in Black voters heading into the midterm elections.

“I’ve done more than 50 events in the Black community,” Abrams told Fox News Sunday host Shannon Bream, according to The Hill.

“I’m excited about the turnout we’re seeing—I’m excited about the engagement that we’re seeing. I know, however, that every election cycle, there has to be some worry, and in this case, it is a worry that’s being manufactured.”

According to FiveThirtyEight, Abrams is six points behind Kemp in the latest polls. According to an Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll, Abrams has 80% support among Black voters, including 75% of Black men supporting her.

Abrams has been heavy on reaching younger audiences and her comedic bit with Shuntel proves that she’s got her finger on the pulse of what interests young people. TikTok is where you meet them and right now, Shuntel’s viral video and her signature moves laced to Monica’s 90s hit Why I Love You So Much, is meeting the moment.

Get into it — and go VOTE!

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