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The past two years have seen some of the most robust activity on the job market. Workers have left their previous places of employment in droves as they’ve moved on to new career opportunities or a different change in scenery. The paradigm shift in long-held attitudes that required going to a physical office has also changed. These days, there are many remote employment opportunities available to workers.

While the surging job market is welcome, navigating employment websites for opportunities remains a cumbersome task. LazyApply Job Application alleviates a lot of the legwork. For a limited time, a lifetime subscription to LazyApply is available for just $67. That’s a savings of more than $900 from its original MSRP ($999).

With LazyApply, you can apply to thousands of jobs with a simple click. It’s an efficient way to find and apply to new jobs daily on websites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and others in the online employment space.

It works by automating the job application process on the aforementioned employment sites. And with unlimited LinkedIn profile emails, you’ll be able to reach out to job opportunities via profiles sent directly to you.

LazyApply currently has a 4.5-star rating on the Chrome Web Store. “Awesome product with great features. Getting emails from LinkedIn was never so easy, thank you team Lazyapply,” writes satisfied user David Destrato.

Not only does this product save you time throughout the application process, but it offers informative tools such as daily analytics that allow you to analyze your job application performance each day. Also included is one weekly consultation call, which will enable you to know what you’re doing well and what could need improvement, along with tips on how to craft the perfect CV.

There’s never been a hotter time to test the job market and see your prospects. LazyApply saves you valuable time by acting as your application service while offering beneficial tips on how best to land that job you’re after. Purchase it today.

Prices subject to change.  

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