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Tichina Arnold Shows Leadership In Black Hollywood By Supporting Pro-Reparations Candidates Only


Veteran actress Tichina Arnold has made it clear what type of candidate she will support at the polls. She said they must have a tangible Black agenda that includes reparations.

“I will be voting for whomever supports a HATE crime bill, Reparations and any legislation that gives way for Economic Equality for Black Americans,” Arnold tweeted on Wednesday, Oct. 26. “Have a FANTASTIC rest of your week. You deserve to be Happy, Healthy & Blessed. #OperateThroughLove”

The tweet received a slew of engagement including over 1,200 retweets, 168 quoted tweets and 4,863 likes. It also sparked conversation among Twitter users on the topic.

“Will this hate crimes bill protect whites and straights? How much in reparations will satisfy you? Is it reparations in perpetuity? Or are subsequent generations SOL? What exactly is meant by economic equality for blacks? Serious questions,” @auntiedogma2022 tweeted.

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“This is akin to those wight women who held up signs that read “WHERE ARE WHITE CIVIL RIGHTS?” When the Civil Rights of wights were NOT being violated, but they were the ones VIOLATING Black folks civil rights. The response above is narcissistic deviltry,” reparations activist Nyheim Way responded.

“Lol… Then you won’t be voting. Candidates who support these things don’t exist,” @FreshNukes777 replied to Arnold.

“You a real one,” activist and LA County Reparations Advisory Commission member Friday Jones replied.

“You folks on here saying your not going to vote unless u get this or that. But how many are in their communities running for office so they can truly make a difference? How many of them have traced their roots to make sure they will get reparations? Seems like wasted energy to me,” @BigJonMr305 wrote.

“Man, shut up. Everyone is not made to be a politician. As long as I keep getting text messages from 7am to 10pm pandering for my vote I have the right to ask for whatever I please,” @MrrPositive responded.

It isn’t the first time Arnold, who is known for using her platform to advocate for the betterment of the Black community, has sparked debates with a tweet.

In April, “The Neighborhood” star sparked a lot of conversation when she tweeted: “Honest Question: What can we as Black Women in America do, to stop aiding in the emasculation of Black men in America?” 

Arnold reiterated her commitment to a Black Agenda on Sunday, Oct. 30.

*The Black Agenda can no longer be avoided, disrupted or torn apart. Like it or not, a shift towards needed Balance is coming. My prayer this morning, is that you remember you are Worthy of Greatness. #ContinueToSpreadLOVE,” Arnold tweeted.

PHOTO: Tichina Arnold arrives to the Soul Train Music Awards at the Apollo Theater on Saturday, Nov. 20, 2021, in New York. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

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