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What is Tiffany Coyne’s Net Worth and Salary?

Tiffany Coyne is a model and dancer who has a net worth of $2 million. Tiffany Coyne is best known for serving as the floor model on the reboot of the CBS television game show “Let’s Make a Deal” that began in 2009. Before that, she performed with the America First Jazz Dancers for the NBA team the Utah Jazz. Coyne has also performed in a number of Las Vegas shows, including “Jubilee!” and “The Sirens of TI.”

Early Life and Education

Tiffany Coyne was born on May 6, 1982 in Layton, Utah near Hill Air Force Base. She is of Hungarian descent through her mother and of German ancestry through her father. Coyne has two sisters, five stepsisters, and two stepbrothers. She got into dancing when she was only three years old, with her favorite styles being jazz, ballet, and hip hop. Coyne received most of her education in West Haven, Utah before finishing her high school education at Northridge High School in Layton. She was also a member of the dance squad at nearby Fremont High School. Coyne graduated in 2000.

Dancing Career

Following her high school graduation, Coyne performed for two years with the America First Jazz Dancers for the NBA team the Utah Jazz. She also taught local dance classes during that time. Coyne subsequently did a stint performing on Silversea Cruises before relocating to Las Vegas, Nevada. There, she performed in a number of shows, including “Jubilee!,” “The Sirens of TI,” and “Fashionistas.”

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Let’s Make a Deal

Coyne became nationally recognized in 2009 when she began appearing as the floor model on the reboot of the CBS television game show “Let’s Make a Deal,” hosted by Wayne Brady with announcing by Jonathan Mangum. A series with a long history, “Let’s Make a Deal” originally aired between 1963 and 1977 with host Monty Hall and floor model Carol Merrill.

When Coyne began taping the new show, she was still living in Las Vegas and performing in “The Sirens of TI” at night, requiring her to commute back and forth between Vegas and Los Angeles where “Let’s Make a Deal” is taped. Ultimately, she relocated to Los Angeles for the show’s second season so she wouldn’t have to constantly travel. Coyne also took improv classes at the Groundlings in order to improve her onscreen interactions with Brady and Mangum.

Coyne has taken advantage of her background as a dancer while on “Let’s Make a Deal.” She has discussed how moving among sets and between different prizes is similar to dance choreography, and that it requires elegance and agility. Timing is also paramount, as Coyne has to hit particular marks on the floor and bring in prizes at appropriate moments. Meanwhile, she has had to expand her skillset to become part of the comedy of the show, which has seen her do everything from playing with giant croquet sets to eating nachos from a cheese-filled hot tub.


For her work on “Let’s Make a Deal” Tiffany Coyne is paid a salary of $5,000 per episode. There are 137 episodes in a season. That works out to $685,000 per season.

Other Appearances

Among her other media appearances, Coyne made an appearance as herself on the CBS soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful” in an episode that crossed over with “Let’s Make a Deal.” She also served as a stand-in on another famous CBS game show, “The Price is Right.” Meanwhile, Coyne has done modeling for such companies as Chase Bank and United Airlines.

Personal Life

With her husband, singer Chris, Coyne has a daughter named Scarlett and a son named Carter.

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