Tracee Ellis Ross Is Kid-Free and Feeling Herself


Motherhood is a journey but it’s not for everyone.

Tracee Ellis Ross may have played a mom on television but as for real life, the 50-year-old recently said “she has no regrets” about not having children.

The Root reports in a recent appearance on the We Can Do Hard Things podcast, Ross opened about her journey without kids. “My ability to have a child is leaving me, but, like, I don’t agree that that’s what ‘fertile’ means,” Ross said. “I don’t agree that that’s what ‘woman’ means.”

She’s correct. Cambridge Dictionary defines fertile as “animals or plants are able to produce (a lot of) young or fruit” as well as “mind or imagination is active and produces a lot of interesting and unusual ideas.” The Golden Globe Award-winning actress definitely has no problem in that category.

Ross admits that while she has no regrets, she does have some bouts of sadness.

Ross told podcast host Glennon Doyle that heartbreak does happen when she thinks about not having kids.

“I woke up every morning of my life and I’ve tried to do my best, so I must be where I’m supposed to be,’” Ross said, according to The Root.

The Girlfriends star went further and shared a personal journal entry, expressing her thoughts on entering menopause, calling it hilarious. “I can feel my body’s ability to make a child draining out of me,” she writes.

“Sometimes I find it hilarious, as if there’s a fire sale going on in my uterus and someone’s in there screaming, ‘All things must go.”

If you follow Ms. Ross on Instagram, you can see that she’s living her best life.

The Black-ish star told Drew Barrymore while appearing on The Drew Barrymore Show that she is embracing how she’s aging and gaining confidence.“My feeling is, especially having turned 50, I’m like, ‘Document it. Let me see it,” Ross proclaimed, according to Prevention. “Your body now, in 10 years, you’re gonna wish you had.”

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