TV Personality Dorion Renaud’s Buttah Skin Headed to NYC To Celebrate Event With Macy’s


You may have seen him on BET’s College Hill, on E!’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians, alongside close friend Malika Haqq, or playing the role of Percy on Bounce TV’s In the Cut, but he’s making a special appearance for NYC fans this week, and he’s bringing his famous skincare products with him.

Dorion Renaud, founder of Buttah Skin, will be in New York City for two special appearances at the Allure Store on Wednesday, Dec. 14, and at Macy’s Herald Square on Friday, Dec. 16 for a meet and greet. Visitors in NYC are invited to join Renaud as he celebrates Buttah Skin’s in-store launch and holiday offerings this season.

As previously featured by BLACK ENTERPRISE, Renaud is an actor, model, and entrepreneur with a skincare journey that started at an early age. We got a chance to catch up with the man behind the fast-growing skincare line to get some tips to help men and women care for their melanin-rich skin tones this winter.

Why should people make Buttah Skin part of their winter skincare routine?

Buttah Skin products target dryness, discoloration, oiliness, and blemishes.

“Hydration is key with the weather changes, especially in the colder months. We have an incredible three-step customizable kit that comes with a gentle cleanser, vitamin C serum and choice of moisturizer — the CocoShea cream helps protect the skin from the elements and drastic weather changes, and the Oil-Free gel cream is perfect for those with oily, combination skin, to infuse more moisture in the skin this time of year.”

Renaud recommends using a hydration mist before sealing it in with a good moisturizer or sunscreen. This step will provide an extra layer of protection for the skin.

“Even if the sun isn’t out every day, sunscreen is still vital for skin protection!”

Why is it important to use natural and organic skincare products?

“I think it’s important for us to use more natural and organic products because it’s just better for you and less harsh on the skin. We like to keep it simple at Buttah Skin with gentle products that are formulated for protection, brightness, and hydration.”

Buttah Skin products are clinically-validated, cruelty-free, and combine ingredients derived from natural sources with high-tech formulations.

What is Buttah Skin’s message to Black men?

“I think it’s important for Black men to embrace skincare, in general — which is something that I’ve hoped we’ve been able to accomplish at Buttah with the look and feel of our product. When I first started the company, I would receive DMs from other men that were ashamed to ask me questions about how to take care of their skin. I want Black men to know that there isn’t anything to be ashamed of — you should take pride in your appearance and want to maintain it.”

“I hope that Black men will just have a sense of pride when they look at themselves in the mirror and to feel comfortable when they engage in their own self-care practices. My goal is to help us unlearn myths that skincare is somehow effeminate or negates your sexuality.”

“Skincare and self-care is for all of us.”

What is next for Buttah Skin?

Renaud says there is a lot to look forward to for the future of Buttah Skin, including bringing new products to the market and expanding into more retail locations.

Buttah Skin’s recent Macy’s holiday campaign stars himself alongside Sevyn Streeter, Alycia Bella and Asiah Collins.

(Image : Courtesy of Newhouse PR)

Renaud has been featured in press outlets like Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Essence, Forbes, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and more. The brand has also earned celebrity attention from the likes of Beyoncè, Amber Riley, Nina Parker, Keri Hilson, 2Chainz, and more.

He recently appeared in the HBO Max documentary, The Beauty of Blackness, as well as Women’s Wear Daily, New York Magazine, Ebony, InStyle, PopSugar, The Los Angeles TimesThe Breakfast Club, Byrdie and The Root. He also appeared in the COLLEGE HILL: CELEBRITY EDITION Reboot which airs on BET+.

More on the man behind the line

“I’m originally from Beaumont, Texas and my journey as an entrepreneur started at home. My father owns and operates a barbershop and shoe repair in my hometown. Looking back, it was also my first introduction into seeing self-care, especially in the Black community. I started working in the shop at eight years old, and learning everything about the business, including working the register. That foundation laid the groundwork for me to become an entrepreneur later in life.

“Like most teens, my skin started changing with puberty. A lot of products that were made available at that time didn’t really work well for my skin. By the time I had done reality TV and started modeling and acting, I noticed my skin would break out from the use of harsh studio makeup. By the time I was 19 or 20 and modeling in NYC, a photographer told me to grab some shea butter on the way to a shoot. I started using that along with a gentle cleanser and an expensive vitamin C serum suggested to me, which at the time I couldn’t afford. With time, my skin began to clear up on its own. I also started hosting skincare parties in L.A. and inviting my celebrity friends, which eventually led me to meeting my business partner that would help me with launching Buttah Skin in 2018.

“Buttah came from my upbringing in the South. I would always hear Buttah being used as a compliment — ‘His skin looks like buttah’ or ‘It’s buttah, baby.’ It was a name that I knew would resonate with the Black community. It was a name that I knew when people saw it on the shelves, they would know that it was made for them.”

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