Twitter Calls Out Juanita Bynum For Jamming To Secular Music After Shading It


Televangelist and gospel singer Juanita Bynum told a congregation to “clean” up the secular music because she claims listeners are not saved.

But when she’s caught in the act, jamming to Mary J. Blige in a circulating clip, Twitter calls Bynum out on her “hypocrisy” while shining light on the Black church experience.

In a Twitter post by @DrAhmadGH, Bynum is seen in two videos on separate occasions. A 60-second clip viewed over 140,000 times shows the preacher onstage urging the congregation to “clean up the church” on behalf of the Lord.

“I wanna know what bishop told you that you can still be saved and listen to secular music,” she says in the first clip. “Who told you that?”

In response, Bynum tells a church member to play “Good Love” by Usher and the City Girls and then makes note that some of the congregation members do have this type of music in their cars.

“Who told y’all that it’s OK if we just jam?” she continues in the clip as Usher sings in the background. “Who told you we can do this and then sing in the choir?”

The second clip, also posted to YouTube, shows the Chicago native gliding, two-stepping, and dusting her shoulders off to Blige’s 2007 hit “Just Fine.” The self-proclaimed prophetess was celebrating in full dance mode.

The video was seen nearly 30,000 times, and the comments continue to bring in the heat about Bynum’s seemingly hypocritical actions.


Twitter users were also prompted to share their thoughts on secular music and religion.

One user shed light on music collaborations between gospel artists and secular music artists.

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