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Tyra Banks Exits ‘Dancing With The Stars’ To Focus On Entrepreneurship — ‘That Is What I Want To Be Known For’


During the interview, Banks foreshadowed her commitment to fully embarking on her business journey.

“It’s interesting, one thing I don’t like is when I get introduced and they list off a whole bunch of different things I have done. Just because you’ve done something doesn’t mean that you deserve to be called that,” Tyra told the outlet.

“I’ve written books but that doesn’t mean that I’m necessarily an author,” she continued. “I’ve acted but that doesn’t mean I’m an actor and I feel like it’s a little insulting to Nicole Kidman or Viola Davis or true actors. But where I put my energy now is what makes me the happiest, which is business, and that is what I want to be known for — being a businesswoman, being an entrepreneur.”

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