Uninterrupted’s The Shop New Episode Dropped On YouTube Featuring Lebron James, Amy Schumer, Don Lemon, And Fat Joe


The Sports Emmy® Award-winning series UNINTERRUPTED The Shop presented by Grey Goose returned with a new episode on Friday, June 10, exclusively on UNINTERRUPTED’s YouTube channel. 

Joining executive producers LeBron JamesMaverick Carter, and co-creator Paul Rivera will be Emmy® Award-winning comedian and actress Amy Schumer, CNN anchor Don Lemon and Grammy-nominated recording artist entrepreneur and philanthropist Fat Joe. Topics explored include discussion around public figures using their platform for impact, cultural critics, cancel culture, gun violence, the power of vulnerability, and LeBron sharing his hopes for life after playing in the NBA. 

The conversation between these notable personalities is engaging, and Carter posed an intriguing question to the group, “Does every celebrity have to speak on everything?”

To which Lemon immediately replied, “Nobody has to speak on anything. I think sometimes the problem is that too many people speak on too many things. Look, freedom of speech. You can say whatever you want, but do you have to?” 

Lemon further expounds that people who opine about the Buffalo, New York mass shooting or the protests that erupted in Ferguson, Missouri or Baltimore, Maryland, and even the infamous Oscar slap between Will Smith and Chris Rock, should give the same energy to such issues as white supremacy and racism. 

Rivera then asked James when he thinks he should speak up when a significant incident happens in society or when he should remain silent.

“I mean, some of the things is definitely right now. You know, if things happen, I feel like it hit home to me, and I feel it in my gut and my heart like if it’s something that happens in the Black community, no matter if it’s in my hometown of Akron, Los Angeles, or Shreveport, Louisiana. Whatever the case may be, you know, I’ll speak about it right away,” said the NBA Champion.

He also added that he doesn’t feel obligated to throw his opinion if he is not knowledgeable about a particular subject or if the issue doesn’t resonate with him. 

Season 5 is now accessible to viewers on the go. The audio version of this episode also went live on Friday, June 10, wherever you listen to podcasts.

This new episode will be released in tandem with a limited edition hat in three colorways—tan, blue and green, retailing for $45 and sold exclusively online on the UNINTERRUPTED Store and UNINTERRUPTED Instagram Shop. 


With Season 5, The Shop’s formula remains intact at being revolutionary and creating unique experiences where celebrated artists, entertainers, athletes, and advocates come together for authentic, raw, untapped conversations and storytelling. Each episode assembles a unique mix of personalities for unconstructed, comfortable yet vulnerable discussions. At the same time, guests are pushed to get to that deeper storytelling level–getting down to the “why” and learning what makes people tick, what is going to make them open up and divulge “inner circle” information that they usually wouldn’t share on any typical show. 

UNINTERRUPTED The Shop presented by GREY GOOSE is executive produced by LeBron James, Maverick Carter, Jamal Henderson, Devin Johnson, and Philip Byron; Robert Alexander directs this episode; produced by Kevin McGrail, Brandon Riley, and Rob Roediger; co-executive produced by Camille Maratchi; created by Paul Rivera and Randy Mims

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