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There’s an undeniable mentality in the world of entrepreneurship that if you’re not overworking, you’re not working hard enough. Of course, this is a debatable approach to business. However, nobody can avoid the around-the-clock nature of the internet, social media, the market, and news cycles. So while you might try and practice balance, getting quality rest can be challenging, especially for anybody really hustling. Besides, nothing changes the fact that sleep and relaxation are the keys to optimal performance.


How do you stay productive and proactive while getting enough sleep in the digital age? First, you will want to consider something non-invasive and not drug-related for a sustainable solution. Even caffeine is a drug, which comes with its own set of drawbacks. For a secret weapon that gives you calm, sleep, focus, and energy where and when you need it, consider this new-age wearable named the Apollo. This wearable sends soothing vibrations into your body to help you rest better, focus easier, and operate with greater clarity on a day-to-day basis. Plus, there’s no side effects that you get from caffeine or prescriptions.


The Apollo wearable is super easy to use, even for those who aren’t as tech-savvy. The wearable can wrap around your wrist or ankle and even clip onto your clothes. An accompanying smartphone application lets you program different modes for different points in the day, each one geared to help you with relaxation, sleep, focus, socializing, and more. 


For busy professionals, the influence wearing an Apollo can have on your overall mental health is attractive, and the metrics related to sleep are especially valuable. So if you want to say goodbye to nights trying to sleep while seeing the remnants of social media feeds and email inboxes every time you close your eyes, then you might appreciate the results of this 500-user, real-world sleep study Apollo’s research team conducted. Users experienced 30 more minutes of sleep a night, a 14 percent average increase in REM sleep, a 19 percent average increase in deep sleep, and an 11 percent average increase in HRV. 


On its website, the Apollo wearable has over 1200 perfect 5-star reviews. One recent one from Robert L. reads,I was dealing with intense periods of stress at work and I was having difficulty falling and staying asleep. I have been using the device daily for almost two months and I have noticed a marked improvement in both sleep as well as my ability to cope with stress at work.” 

Upgrade your sleep and downgrade your stress. Check out Apollo’s wide range of colorways today.

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