Vanessa Simmons Explains Why She Decided to Get Liposuction


After receiving liposuction last year, Vanessa Simmons decided to kick off the New Year by explaining what motivated her to go under the knife.

Speaking with The Shade Room, Simmons, 39, explained how much her body changed after giving birth and no matter how much she worked out or dieted, she wasn’t getting the results she wanted.

“I had my daughter eight years ago. And my body changed a ton — probably more than I was prepared for, honestly,” she shared.

“Everyone seems to have the same online experience with the “snap-back” body. And mine was just not coming, even after eight or nine years. I tried a bunch of non-invasive things—I work out. I’m very consistent, sometimes, with my dieting. But I wanted to do something different. And I wanted to stop playing small for myself and do something for myself without the fear of what other people would think.”

That’s when Simmons decided to try out Sono Bello’s TriSculpt Micro-Laser Liposuction, a form of liposuction that the Growing Up Hip Hop star felt comfortable undergoing because of how non-invasive it is.

“It’s the least invasive form of liposuction that you can get,” she said. “It’s extremely small incisions—I have about three. And I got the liposuction done on my stomach and waist area.”

“It’s an awake procedure, which can sound scary for people—as it did sound to me. I was crying before I went into the procedure, but when I came out I was actually really excited. And I didn’t feel a thing while it was happening—nothing at all. I was laughing and joking with my doctor the entire time.”

The recovery process was extremely fast for Simmons who says she was back to moving around “the next day.” She also says the procedure only took about 90 minutes.

“Obviously very carefully,” she noted. “But I was able to get up and move around within that first week.”

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