Virginia Councilwoman Responds to Criticism for Cursing Out Fellow Members, Apologizes ‘For Not Saying it Sooner’


A Virginia councilwoman is doubling down on her recent bribery claims in the election process by apologizing for not making the revelation “sooner.”

Councilwoman Lisa Lucas-Burke called out her fellow council members last Monday after Vice Mayor De’Andre Barnes organized a meeting to decide on firing Portsmouth City Manager Angel Jones, WTKR reports. Jones ended up losing her job on Tuesday night, but not before things got heated during the city council meeting the night before.

Lucas-Burke shouted to the rooftops while accusing some council members of taking bribes for votes.

“Somebody came to my office and asked me to deal with this stuff because they’ve been paid $2,000 to get their vote on some stuff. I’m sick of it,” Lucas-Burke said.

Barnes believes Jones didn’t do enough to combat crime in Portsmouth. However, Lucas-Burke says Jones has done more than enough, and the only reason she was terminated was that she knew information about the alleged corruption.

“She got a lot on this council, and that’s why they want to get rid of her. And I hope that y’all [are] seeing what’s happening, and I hope you make your decision when November comes,” Lucas-Burke said.

“I’m pissed that the [expletive]…. yeah, I’m a say it. I’m mad as a [expletive], I am. Because I know what’s been going on.”

Barnes believes Jones didn’t do enough to tackle crime in Portsmouth, WTVR reports. On Saturday, Lucas-Burke took to Twitter to respond to her outburst during the city council meeting and stood firm on her initial claims.

Lucas-Burke said she has “been told I owe an apology for the language” used during last week’s meeting. But the only thing she’s apologizing for is “not saying it sooner.”

Portsmouth Mayor Shannon Glover voted to keep Jones, to no avail. She explained why the council is divided.

“Let me be clear – Angel Jones did not deserve this treatment. It is totally out of order for four members of council to unilaterally make a decision about the future of our city manager without conferring with the other three members,” Glover said.

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