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‘We’re So Young, We Don’t Plan On Death’


Stephanie Sibounheuang, the girlfriend of late hip-hop artist PnB Rock, recently took to Instagram to share some updates on how she and their daughter, Xuri Li, have been doing since the “Catch These Vibes” MC was tragically gunned down in September 2022.

Sibounheuang posted a 15-minute “video of gratitude” that she said God directed her to make. In the video, she thanked all her supporters for praying for her, reposting her prayers and patronizing her businesses.

She said the support was “everything” because it’s how she’s supporting herself, her daughter and her entire family since she lost the love of her life. She also admitted it has been extremely difficult since Rock died.

“God wanted me to tell y’all that since Rock been gone, I haven’t had no help. Like no child support, no type of help at all, like no type of assistance, and let’s be real, like you know, he took care of me and my whole family,” Sibounheuang said.

She added she wasn’t receiving any financial support but noted God has been taking care of them. She also made it clear that she wasn’t asking anyone for anything but repeatedly thanked those who’ve patronized her Angel Energy retail business.

“It’s just been tough without no help, without my protector and my provider here, but it’s really like I’m just letting God use me; I’m just trusting God’s plan. I’m just being obedient. If that’s what God wants, then have your way,” Sibounheuang continued.

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In response to an Instagram user asking if PnB Rock had done any estate planning, Sibounheuang confirmed he had not put anything in place.

“No, he did not have life insurance. No, he did not have a will. No, we didn’t have nothing set up. We’re so young, we don’t plan on death,” Sibounheuang explained. 

“I don’t get no death benefits, I don’t get nothing. … And I’m not gon’ ask nobody for nothing. I got that personality and I’m working on that. I’m trying to empty myself of my ego and my pride because I’m not asking nobody for nothing,” she continued.

PnB Rock is one of the more recent celebrities to die without a will, but he is in prominent company. Many others celebs have also died without wills and trusts. They include Chadwick Boseman, Prince, Aretha Franklin, Tupac Shakur and more.

Despite the challenges, Sibounheuang reiterated that God had been making a way for them and detailed how much she has grown spiritually. She also updated fans on how Xuri and PnB Rock’s other daughter from a previous relationship, Milan Allen, were doing.

She also promised more to come from her in business and spirituality.

“This is really just the beginning. This is a season of purpose and that’s what I’m doing,” Sibounheuang said. “I’m emptying myself completely out of my flesh and filling my spirit totally up with the Holy Spirit and letting Him forcefully use me.”

Sibounheuang ended her video by answering questions from those asking about new music. She confirmed that there is some on the way. However, she explained they are currently focusing on settling Rock’s estate.

“We’re working out the estate right now. That stuff takes a lot of time,” she concluded.

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