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What Has The Democratic Party Done For Black Men But Blame Us?


MSNBC political contributor Dr. Jason Johnson is tired of the Democratic party blaming Black men for losses. And he claimed he can see a “blame game” being set up against Black voters, especially Black men, ahead of possible Democratic Party losses in the midterms.

Johnson is a professor, political analyst, and public speaker. The author of the book “Political Consultants and Campaigns: One Day to Sell,” Johnson is a tenured professor in the School of Global Journalism & Communication at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. In addition to this, he is an MSNBC political contributor.

Dr. Johnson has worked for Republicans and Democrats as a campaign manager and assistant state director in South Carolina, Maryland, and Virginia.

For the longest it seemed like the Dems were ignoring the Back male vote, concentrating on Black women. But now the focus is on Black men as more and more Black male voters are jumping from the Democratic ship. According to The Associated Press’s VoteCast 2020 survey, 12 percent of Black men voted for Donald Trump in 2020, compared with just 6 percent of Black women. This was consistent with 2016 levels, when 14 percent of Black men voted for Trump, The New York Times reported.

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In Georgia, second-time candidate for Georgia governor, Democrat Stacey Abrams, is going all out to attract Black male voters in her state. She is trailing incumbent Brian Kemp, a Republican, and needs the Black male vote to pull her to a win. With Black women solidly behind her, she is lagging in support from Black men. Now some fear that if she loses again to Republican Governor Brian Kemp, the blame might be placed on Black male voters. “If Black men vote for me, I will win Georgia,” Abrams said during a recent campaign event titled “Stacey and the Fellas” at Forks & Flavors, a Black-owned eatery in Cobb County.

During a recent episode of MSNBC’s “The Cross Connection” with host Tiffany Cross, Johnson complained of Black voters being blamed for the “failings on the part of the Democratic Party,” Mediate reported.

“Black men get blamed, and Black people in general get blamed, for failings on the part of the Democratic Party,” he said.

He added, “African-American men are super voters for the Democratic Party…The vast majority of Black men are still voting for Democratic candidates, but the question and the thing I hear from people all the time that’s important is, what has the Democratic Party done for Black men?”

Johnson argued the Democratic Party has failed Black voters and “doesn’t always support” Black voters.

“I think if Democrats spent more time talking about this, this is what we’ve done for brothers, this is what we’ve done for the working class guy and the guy in the C suite, you wouldn’t have these problems,” he said. “And it feels like it’s setting up a blame game so that if Stacey Abrams isn’t elected…Black men will be blamed when in fact most of the time they’re supporting the Democratic Party even if the Democratic Party doesn’t always support them.”

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