Who Made Bippy Sad? Black Clown in Texas Threatened By Unknown Caller


Bippy, the clown of Bippy’s World, was not clowning around when she reported a disturbing voicemail she received from an unidentified caller.

Bippy, who has been entertaining since 1992, does parties for children and any special events throughout Texas that require fun and excitement. KERA News reported in June about the entertainer’s visit to Uvalde following the tragic elementary school shooting, where she used her talents as a ministry to serve.

According to KPRC, the racial slur that was reportedly left in the voicemail she received last week was concerning for the Black entertainer, who is a one-woman show.

“You’re a pedophile. You’re a pedophile, (racial epithet),” the voicemail said in part.

Bippy said she felt angry and unsafe after hearing the voicemail that was addressed to her. She shared that she received a different call the day after, saying someone allegedly tried to lure her to a specific location, refusing to leave a primary contact.

“I’ve even thought about quitting clowning around. I’ve even thought about not doing it anymore,” said the entertainer. Everything I do with the kids is to make people happy. So when I heard it I didn’t think that I heard it right the first time and I just kept listening to it over and over.”

Eager to know the caller’s intentions behind the message, Bippy reported it to Houston police in hopes of tracking the number.

Bippy requests for anyone who sees her truck in their area to look out for her, expressing that she fears one day she may be subject to abuse during one of her stops.

“I go into people’s homes, I have to deliver bounce houses, popcorn by myself at times. I go into their backyards, to venues by myself,” Bippy said. “I’m afraid that what happens if one day I go somewhere and I’m subject to abuse.”

Reportedly, Bippy has not been able to track the phone number of the individual responsible for leaving the voicemail.

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