Whoopi Goldberg Reveals Stipulation In Her Will Prevents Unauthorized Biopics From Being Made


One thing that is certain after The View‘s Whoopi Goldberg leaves the earth, there will not be a movie or documentary made about her unless her family authorizes it.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Goldberg, whose real name is Caryn Elaine Johnson, revealed that no one will be able to make an unauthorized biography about her after she dies. She stated during a recent episode of The View that it is listed in her will that it can’t happen “unless you speak to” her family.

And she dares anyone to “try it.”

The Color Purple actress mentioned that little tidbit during a discussion this week about the ethics of director Andrew Dominik and his controversial Marilyn Monroe biopic, Blonde, based on Joyce Carol Oates’ “fictionalized biography.” Critics have stated that the film is misogynistic.

At one point during the episode, co-host Sunny Hostin said that when Goldberg does, indeed, died that there may be unscrupulous attempts to make a biography about the 67-year-old actress.

“It sounds macabre, but I was speaking to Whoopi, and I was saying that she’s such a famous person that when she passes away, people are going to make films.”

To which Goldberg replied, “Actually they’re not. They’re not going to make films, because in my will it says, ‘Unless you speak to my family, try it.’ She then reiterated, “Try it.”

Goldberg recently returned to the show after her most recent bout with COVID-19.

According to Deadline, Goldberg came back to The View as moderator late last month after experiencing what she described as a “rough” round of the coronavirus. Although she was up to date on all her vaccination shots and boosters, she contracted it for the second time this year. Goldberg took some time off from the show earlier this year when she caught a mild case of the virus in January.

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