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With A Company Reportedly Valued At $650M As Of 2022, Kevin Hart Says He’s ‘No Longer Just A Comedian’ — ‘I’m An Investment. I’m A Studio’


Kevin Hart is laughing all the way to the bank.

The comedian, actor, and entrepreneur scaled his presence in Hollywood, launching multi-platform media company, HARTBEAT in 2022. As AFROTECH™ previously reported, its launch was supported by a $100 million raise from Abry Partners to support content creation, hiring new teams, and the expansion of existing brands and franchises.

HARTBEAT went on to debut 23 projects in TV, film, digital and audio in 2023, Variety mentions.  Additionally, it has secured strategic partnerships with NBCUniversal, SiriusXM, Sundance Institute, P&G, Walmart, Chase, Draft Kings and even Netflix, releasing “Lift” on the streaming platform on January 12, 2024.

His collaborations have proven to be a wise business move for HARTBEAT. According to Boardroom, it is now valued at $650 million.
Reflecting on the feat during an interview on “60 Minutes” Hart explained, “I’m no longer just a comedian. I’m an investment. I’m a student. I’m a partner looking for partnerships. Work for hire is not in my best interest if it’s a one and done situation.”

While HARTBEAT remains a current focus area for Hart, he is also steadily involved in other arenas, owning the Gran Coramino Tequila brand, which has a multi-year partnership with the Philadelphia Eagles, a news release mentions. Hart has also planted himself in the wellness space, owning VitaHustle, a supplement company that is shelved nationally in Walmart stores.

Thanks to his growing portfolio, Hart’s net worth is reported to be $450 million. When asked by Journalist Anderson Cooper on “60 Minutes” on where he currently stands in terms of being a billionaire, Hart revealed it is a goal post but his focus is on setting an example in Hollywood on how to become the business.

“I mean, hopefully, and even if I don’t or if I’m not, I think the better sides of what I’ve done is create what can become the new norm for other people in the business of funny. For other people in the business of entertainment. Not just being a part of the business but learning and understanding how to be the business,” Hart said.

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