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Zendaya Was Paid $10M To Star In And Produce ‘Challengers’


Transcending her experience as a childhood star on Disney Channel, Zendaya is now a force in Hollywood.

This can be credited partially to her forging her own path in fashion with the help of Law Roach and diversifying her roles, through HBO’s “Euphoria” — which landed her two Emmys for her role as Rue Bennett — and the big screen’s “Dune” and “Spider-Man” franchises, per Variety.

Now, Zendaya is on to her next project, “Challengers,” directed by Luca Guadagnino, which was released on April 26, 2024. Unlike the aforementioned roles, the actress has the opportunity to move beyond portraying a teenager on screen and takes on Tashi Duncan, an adult character who plays tennis and winds up in a love triangle, according to People.

“I’ve been playing 16-year-olds since I was 16,” Zendaya, 27, told Variety. “So it was nice to play a character that was not a child anymore. It was also interesting playing parts of my life that I haven’t experienced yet: I’ve not gotten married. I’ve not had a child. Those milestones, I don’t necessarily have a direct reference point for. That was different to feel. Ultimately, it felt like the right time for a character like this.”

While Zendaya is getting some major screen time for her involvement as an actress, it’s not her only title in the film starring Josh O’Connor (Netflix’s “The Crown”) and Mike Faist (Broadway’s “Dear Evan Hansen”). She is also a producer of the movie and was paid $10 million for her contributions, Variety mentions.

“The more time I spend in front of the camera, the more I enjoy being behind it,” Zendaya told CNN. “Being surrounded by Luca it helped me gain confidence. It was a beautiful place to learn and to really feel like I had a voice and a seat at the table.”

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