Candace Owens ‘Offended’, Says Lizzo ‘Defiled’ James Madison’s 200-year-old Crystal Flute


Conservative commentator Candace Owens has taken aim at Lizzo.

According to Billboard, Pop artist, Lizzo was given the opportunity to play a flute that was owned by former President James Madison. On September 23, a tweet from the Library of Congress offered Lizzo a chance to play the 200-year-old crystal flute.

Lizzo took that opportunity and played the instrument during a show she did in Washington D.C. on Tuesday night.

While the rest of the world was giving the talented entertainer props for the feat, a salty Owens goes against the grain and actually complains about Lizzo showcasing her musical talents that didn’t involve any twerking.

Owens actually stated that she was “offended” and that Lizzo was “defiling” history by playing the flute the Library of Congress offered her to play in front of a live audience.

She goes on to say:

“They’re giving her something that means a lot. The way and manner in which they gave it to her and the way and the manner in which she used it offends me, I’m not going to lie.”

“No, she’s not making history here, she’s defiling history. It’s like spraying graffiti on a historical building and going, ‘Oh, it’s art.’ No, it’s not art. We’re not gonna call it art. We’re not gonna call it making history.

“But she doesn’t see that. She thinks that when these organizations reached out to her with these opportunities it’s because they love her. And in reality, the reason is because they hate and want to corrupt the people that follow her. That don’t want more people to make it out like Lizzo did.”

She can view Owen’s “rant” below.


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