6 Outdoor Experiences For The Black And Adventurous


Contrary to popular belief, Black folks are into outdoors adventures. Black folks are not all about day parties, brunch and BBQ’s. While all those activities are worth their weight in Black gold, Black people are not a monolith. Are you feeling adventurous? Are you in the mood for excitement and  outdoor experiences? Whether you are in a city, rural area, or suburban location, you can explore these outside escapades. Here are six outdoorsy adventures to enjoy. 


1) Helicopter Ride

If you are located in the Los Angeles area, a helicopter ride might be the adrenaline rush you are looking for. Celebrity Helicopters Tour is a Black-owned company that offers a great adventure for a group of friends looking to soar above the Hollywood Hills. During this adventure in the friendly skies, you can expect a bird’s eye view of many historical and high-end landmarks around L.A. 


2) All About Dat Tours 

If you are in and around New Orleans, a bayou swamp tour would be exhilarating. On this swamp tour on a flatboat with a cover to accommodate rainy days. On All About Dat Tours, you’ll see the paths enslaved ancestors traveled and all sorts of wildlife, with over 200 species of birds, alligators, pigs and raccoons that dwell in the swamps. The tour also comes with a visit to the Whitney Plantation museum. 


3) Cloudland Canyon State Park waterfalls

In the mood for an aquatic journey that includes a hike?  This state park in Northwestern, Georgia might be the perfect place to visit. A 600-step hike through rock passages and scenic overlooks will lead visitors to Hemlock Falls where you can splash and swim along the outer periphery of the waterfalls–and get some dope pictures. 


4) Grand Canyon

If camping and hiking is your thing, then you can’t not experience both the mother of all canyons. The Grand Canyon is a difficult hiking trip that can last 4 days, but you get to enjoy the dramatic and unforgettable views, the plant life and wildlife, and most of all being outdoors with nature. 


5) Row Your Boat

If in the Midwest, a great city adventure on the water will be in Chicago. Add excitement to your visit by kayaking through the city’s river. On this adventure, you can explore the city on your own terms– paddle style–and experience the Chicago’s skyscrapers and historic landmarks from a different perspective. 


6) Hot Air Balloon

Go up, up and away with a hot air balloon adventure. Get up and personal with the great scenic view of Napa Valley while floating from 1,000 – 3,000 feet above the ground. The view of the vineyards and rolling hills are just teasers while you approach the breathtaking Mount Saint Helena. Have a champagne Brunch on this sky-high adventure. 

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