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7 Things to Know About The Womack Sisters, Nieces Of Legendary Singer Bobby Womack


Bobby Womack’s nieces, The Womack Sisters, are making a convincing case that talent runs in their bloodline. The R&B trio went viral on social media after footage of them belting out a tune with impeccable harmonies was posted to TikTok.

Here are seven things to know about The Womack Sisters.

1. The Womack Sisters are the nieces of legendary singer Bobby Womack and daughters of Womack & Womack.

Siblings BG, Zeimani and Kucha collectively make up the rising R&B trio The Womack Sisters. Described in their bio as “gifted, soulful siblings,” they are the nieces of legendary singer and songwriter Bobby Womack.

But their musical bloodline doesn’t stop there. They are the daughters of Cecil and Linda Womack, professionally known as Womack & Womack – accomplished songwriters, producers and artists in their own right.

2. They are also Sam Cook’s granddaughters.

This talented girl group comes from musical royalty across the board. They are also the granddaughters of soul icon Sam Cooke as their mother Linda is Cooke’s daughter.

3. The trio released their debut EP in May.

The Womack Sisters released their debut, self-titled EP “The Womack Sisters” on June 17.

According to a press release announcing the project, the EP features six songs that they wrote. Among the ballads is the song “Lost For Words,” as well as a cover of their grandfather’s timeless classic “A Change Is Gonna Come.”

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“The worst feeling is when you realize that your relationship is not 50/50,” The Womack Sisters said in a joint statement about Lost For Words. “We have all experienced it. Regardless of who isn’t putting in the effort, someone always gets hurt. This single is a soulful power anthem that embodies the experience of pain and that someone’s lack of effort can leave an individual ‘Lost for Words’ when evaluating a relationship.”

4. The sisters grew up in Europe and Africa but live in Los Angeles, California.

The sibling trio’s parents moved to the UK in the 1980s, but they have also traveled extensively to places like Dublin, Kenya, Tanzania and more. They were homeschooled and immersed in learning both the performance and business sides of music at an early age.

They now live in Los Angeles and are working on building their music career.

5. The Womack Sisters have seven other siblings.

The girls come from a huge family with seven other siblings. They also record with their mother Linda, who now goes by the name Zeriiya Zekkariyas. The name of the family group is The House of Zekkariyas.

6. The rising girl group’s family has a complicated history.

After footage of The Womack Sisters went viral, people began asking how they were related to both Cooke and Womack. This led many people on Twitter to chime in and explain the infamous saga between the Cooke and Womack families.

“Abit of context-Bobby Womack (Wish You Didn’t Trust Me So Much) married Sam Cooke’ widow 77 days after Sam was killed. Then molested his step daughter/Sams daughter,” Twitter user @bliss_malcom explained. “Wife/Mom found out and shot him, Bobby survived. A few years later, the daughter married Bobby Womack’s brother.”

“When Sam Cooke died, Bobby pulled up at the funeral with his wife in his cloths, sexually abused his daughter Linda, then Linda married Bobby’s brother and former Womack & Womack,” @Kikij_7995 added.

“Their mother is Sam cookes daughter and their father is Bobby womacks brother. Makes them their grandpa & uncle, respectively,” @DiyaSays explained.

Other Twitter users also chimed in with their thoughts on the topic.

“They got a lot of generational curses to take care of cause chile the Cooke/Womack saga is a lot,” @xm_muva wrote.

“If they’re Sam Cooke’s granddaughters, then Allen Klein and his descendants owe them a fortune,” @BelieveInJojo wrote, referencing the report that Cooke’s family has received no royalties or benefits from his music because Klein preyed on him.

7. Some said they would be on the lookout for The Womack Sisters’ music because they are incredibly talented.

Several people lauded the girls’ talent and said they would begin following their careers.

“I gotta add that I will be checking for them though, as a BIG fan of the soul music lineage they come from. They really sound great in that video,” @ItsDrLittle tweeted. “I couldn’t help but make that obvious observation though. The whole elephant, just chilling, right there in the room.”

“With voices like that.. as soon as I saw the name and their faces, I knew!! Those are Cecil and Linda’s girls!!! Also IYKYK,” @atlcardiva wrote.

The trio is set to drop a new EP called “Legacy” in September.

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