AT&T Recognizes the Poem Black Dandelion, and a New Multimedia Platform is Born


There is no doubt that the world will be looking for Black dandelions now that the corporation AT&T, in a search, found the video of Flint, Mich. Poet Laureate, Semaj Brown reading her Black Dandelion poem on her website.

An excerpt of the audio recording of the poem highlights a one-minute commercial of the acclaimed Dream In Black, Black Future Makers Afrofuturistic Lifestyle platform, and is to be aired nationally on television and on social media platforms.

The Academy of American Poets distributed a video of poet laureate fellow, Semaj Brown reading her poem, Black Dandelion to middle and high school students. The poet laureate received letters from youth from across the United States and world via the Dear Poet project. The letters represented a range of ethnicities, Asian, Armenian, Black, white, and more. Exchanges can be read on the Dear Semaj Brown page.

Deeply moved, Semaj Brown states, “The Black Dandelion poem serves as a global hot air balloon. It rises like helium above the terror of social injustices, holding a safe space for youth to interpret, and address historical, traumatic realities.”

“The students’ thoughts and feelings expressed in the letters formed a “convergent voice” with the Black Dandelion. They were deeply disturbed by inflicted injustices yet enthusiastically embraced hopeful resilience, the spirit of the weed.”

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