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Black Man Accused Of ‘Broke People Behavior’ For Not Spending $250K On Wedding Sparks Debate


A recent clip from “Love & Hip Hop: New York” in which a cast member accuses her fiancee of “broke people behavior” because he doesn’t want to spend $250,000 on their wedding has people weighing in.

During the 58-second snippet, Brooklyn-based rapper Phresher and his fiancée, Jenn Coreano, are arguing about how much she wants him to spend on their wedding.

The clip starts with Jenn saying, “I deserve to be somebody’s wife,” in a confessional scene, then cuts to the two having a conversation.

“Two-hundred and fifty thousand dollars … the type of wedding you want, that’s how much it costs. You’re bugging the f**k out; we’re gonna invest that,” Phresher says to Jenn.

He follows up in a confessional scene saying, “My job as a man is to hold the household down and she hasn’t worked in years. I’m not spending a quarter-million dollars on a f**king wedding! I’m not doing it!”

The scene cuts back to the couple and Coreano says, “So you have no plans on getting married?” Phresher says he does but suggests they go to city hall.

“I’m not a city hall b*tch! Stop saying city hall ‘cuz your a** about to get left! Like I’m telling you right now,” Coreano yells.

“Love ain’t enough. How long you plan on being broke?” she continues to which Phresher responds, “Watch your mouth … that’s not broke. That’s smart.”

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“You saying it costs too much. That’s broke people behavior,” Coreano retorted.

Twitter user @SayOoohh shared the snippet on Wednesday, Jan. 4. She criticized Coreano for her stance.

“She doesn’t want to be a wife. She just wants an expensive wedding! I wish black men would find a woman that appreciates all that you provide and stop enabling the ungrateful ones,” @SayOoohh tweeted.

Other Twitter users weighed in with various opinions. Some agreed with @SayOoohh.

“It’s her not even trying to compromise. Ok you don’t want City Hall and he don’t want to spend $250k so meet somewhere in the middle,” @TieshaNae chimed in. “Plus, how she gone call him broke and she’s the one not working?”

“If this is her perception about finances & money now, imagine how she’s going to be after marriage. This is a [red flag]!!” @DeltaTail16 tweeted.

“Something about calling dude broke when you haven’t worked in years needs to be studied,” @DueSquash responded.

“He said leave and see what you’re a*s gon be !!!! The entitlement is crazy, how you living up under him and calling him not wanting to spend a qtr mil on one day broke people behavior. Like honey, the fact he got that to spend is def not broke,” @DaySayThat wrote.

“My G if Im working… making all the money letting you do whatever and I say we going to City Hall…. You either coming or going because at that point you buggin,” @Two_Three said.

Others challenged @SayOoohh’s critique and sided with Coreano, noting that not only is she the mother of his two children, but she has also been with Phresher since they were in sixth grade and he’s cheated on her repeatedly.

“She been with this man for years and had his kids… She wants a big wedding there’s nothing wrong with that,” @briithedonn wrote.

“Is that really what you got from this? We couldn’t have watched the same clip,” @LanaisLi wrote.

“Y’all act like just bc she wants to be a wife she have to settle for a court house wedding she been with this man 10+ years why she can’t have a nice wedding she deserves it,” @fineeassgirllll wrote. “A quarter mill wedding is bizzare but she doesn’t have to settle for a court room wedding.”

“I think she wants the wedding of her dreams due to the fact she’s been with this man for several years and put up with his cheating , for him why wouldn’t you even not want to give the woman of your kids and been with you from the very beginning a beautiful wedding,” @missgoddtee responded.

“Ok first off, she wants a big wedding because this nigga has put her through the MUD,” @AlwaysLucy chimed in. “If she wants to not get married at city hall I totally understand, BUT 200-250k on a wedding is too much. You can have a bomb wedding w 25k or less.”

Others said the two should compromise.

“Do they know there is something between 250,000 and city hall??” @Carpe_Nocteeem tweeted.

“Thank youuuuuuu. She’s definitely wrong. But City Hall is egregious if you’re not poor,” @blixberrie responded.

A 2019 report by Insider and a 2018 article by CNBC both examined how many couples started their marriages in debt due to spending so much money on their weddings.

An article by Yahoo Finance noted nearly half of American couples go into debt with their weddings, which on average cost just under $30,000.

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