Black Woman Contracted to Work for Apple, Loses Job After Posting TikTok Video About Her Day


Nylah Boone, a former Apple contractor, is raising concerns after losing her job amid a viral TikTok video that has made its rounds on the internet.

The video, titled “Day in the life of a Black girl working in tech,” has reached nearly 400,000 views, with hundreds of comments asking Boone for career advice and highlighting some of her daily routines and activities that consist of her being an Apple contracted worker.


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Although the video, which was recorded in April, did not reveal any secrets within the company, it did contain footage of her office space inside one of Apple’s buildings.

Boone, who also utilized her time as a TikTok creator highlighting other unrelated vlogs, unexpectedly lost her job in May when Apple did not renew her contract.

“My followers or people that would reach out to me or comment were like 80 percent Black women,” said Boone in her interview with The Verge. “That was important to me to be able to connect with other Black women as well to encourage them.”

She also added in her interview with The Verge that she was only trying to show other women of color that the tech space could be a career option available for them too.

However, while her intentions were to help tech giants like Apple achieve a more representative workforce, the outcome was not in alignment with that viewpoint.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple typically prohibits workers from sharing footage from within the company’s offices, as a part of their employment contracts and company rules to abide by.

This may also include NDA agreements, which have been also reportedly part of the company’s practices.

Although Boone has reportedly moved on to another opportunity at a marketing agency, it certainly makes someone else think twice before certain content creation in certain company workspaces.

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