Black Woman-Owned OMNoire Will Immerse You In Black Luxury Travel And Wellness


OMNoire founder Christina Rice holds retreats to give attendees a chance to recharge in a space brimming with solidarity and adventure.

In 2017, Rice, a certified yoga and meditation instructor and serial entrepreneur, launched OMNoire solely as an Instagram page after a discovery that loosely affects the Black community — lack of representation.

She found that Black women and women of color would feel more comfortable in their wellness journey if it was guided by someone who looked like them. This led her to launch the social wellness community platform and enterprise that just keeps on giving Black luxury travel and wellness.

“When I looked around at this open market, and the dollars that are circulating in the luxury retreat industry, I didn’t see anyone like me doing this,” Rice said, per the brand website. I was a Black Woman who enjoyed planning luxurious vacations for myself and others so I pivoted from a burnout career to a purposeful life. I knew I could help others achieve the same through travel, community, and wellness. I decided to be the answer.”

(Instagram @christinamrice)

OMNoire creates spaces for women to thrive. The online platform connects Black women and women of color with luxurious and adventurous wellness retreats, immersing them in new experiences that will allow them to grow mentally and emotionally.

OMNoire Retreats was founded shortly after the Instagram page was established. The first retreat was held in Grenada in October 2017 with 53 Black women and has since expanded its network with retreats in Africa, Mexico, Europe, South America, United Arab Emirates, the Caribbean, and more.

You name it, OMNoire will have you reset, recharged, and ready to redesign your lives by the time to return home.

Photo courtesy of Christina Rice

“I always say that a retreat is a reflection of the retreat leader so, with me, I am an adventure junkie and certified scuba diver, so my retreats are always going to have an element of adventure, as well as helping you face your fears by doing something you never thought possible,” Rice said, per Travel Noire.

“My personal belief is that honoring a fear and then facing it head-on is a version of emotional and mental wellness and growth.”

In addition, OMMoire has created an opportunity “for emerging leaders who are ready to curate immersive and transformative experiences” through OMNoire Retreats Academy.

The “Airbnb of luxury retreats for Black women and women of color,” as Rice would call it, is offering dozens of treats in 2022 and 2023. The program curriculum equips students with the necessary tools to curate diverse and unforgettable experiences.

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