Congrats! Supa Cent’s Boyfriend Rayzor Popped The Question, And The Couple Is Now Engaged


Instagram influencer Wuzzam Supa Cent, real name Raynell Steward, and founder of the Crayon Case makeup set, recently became engaged to her boyfriend on Wednesday after celebrating their first anniversary, according to The Block.


Supa Cent, 34, initially toiled as a waitress simultaneously; she created an impressive following on social media leading her to segue into the beauty industry.

In 2018, her Crayon Case made $1 million in two hours on Cyber Monday and repeated her success by selling $1.37 million of her product on Cyber Monday in 2019, The Black Detour reports.

In addition to her beauty line, Supa Cent also has other enterprising ventures like co-owning Bayou Scooter Rentals and owning various real estate properties.

A few days ago, she gifted her now fiancé Rayzor Breaux with a plot of land. Breaux is also an entrepreneur who owns a high-end New Orleans bar, Vogue Lounge. He also purchased a home six months prior and added Supa Cent to the title, which indicated to the Louisiana native that he saw their relationship as long-term. 




“Mannnnn this is so crazy! I was so focus on making sure her anniversary was special that this was a complete surprise! I’m thinking we just riding around and we pull up to this! BAE BOUGHT ME LAND AND HAD AN ON-SITE CLOSING!” wrote Rayzor on his Instagram page.

Supa Cent gushed over her love for Rayzor and his attributes, like his easy-going personality, allowing her to become a better woman by having a healthy relationship. By her account, Rayzor showed her to see her “other relationships were just lust,” according to Hello Beautiful. 

Supa Cent has two children from a previous relationship with her ex-partner Lewis Lou, son Tre and their daughter Leà Mae Leagea.

Black Enterprise wishes the happy couple continued happiness.

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