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Cop Mayor Eric Adams Says Black Families Are Leaving New York Over Affordability


Black families are leaving New York City because they can longer live in the Big Apple, NYC mayor Eric Adams declared recently.

The median rent in Manhattan reached $4,000 in May, the highest price ever reported by the brokerage Douglas Elliman, The New York Times reported.

As of Quarter 1 (January-March 31, 2022), the median home sale price in New York City was $760,000, a seven percent increase year-over-year. The median home sale price in Manhattan was $1.2 million, Property Shark reported. 

“We are hemorrhaging Blacks in the city…because the city is no longer affordable to them,” said Adams during a press conference on June 5 to announce his plan to fix NYC’s growing housing crisis.

NYC has seen its white population surges with the exodus of Black residents. White residents saw an 8.4 percent increase while Black residents experienced an 8.7 percent decline, Fox Business News reported in August 2021.

“We can’t see the future of this city rise and the decrease of hope decline for Black, Brown, and poor New Yorkers,” said then Brooklyn Borough President Adams during his mayoral campaign.

In his housing plan as the new mayor, Adams said he will increase homeownership, reduce street homelessness and improve public housing.

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The housing plan outlines five major housing initiatives, including expanding affordable housing and a pledged to improve conditions in public and private homes, and to expand access to homeless shelters, The New York Times reported.

Homelessness has been a major problem in NYC. In January 2022, there were 48,691 people sleeping in shelters, according to the Coalition for the Homeless

“At a time when rents are spiking, this plan fails to protect the hundreds of thousands of tenants facing eviction today,” said Brad Lander, the New York City comptroller. “We need an ambitious housing plan that meets the crisis by building new housing, especially affordable housing, on a much larger scale, and that makes sure that those most in need get it.”

Adams also promised to accelerate the creation of 15,000 new units of supportive housing, which had been scheduled for completion in 2030. They will be finished by 2028, announced Adams.

The new housing plan to increase Black homeownership comes on the heels of Adams’ plans to crack down on crime. Adams spent 22 years as an officer in the New York City Police Department. According to a 2020 NYPD report, from 2006 to 2019, Blacks accounted for nearly half of all NYC arrests, despite being only 24 percent of the city’s population, ABC News reported.

In 2020, of the 125 “covid-19 related” arrests between March 16 and May 10, 68 percent were Black, 24 percent were Latino and just under 7 percent were white, according to the NYPD Data.

Photo: New York City Mayor Eric Adams at the opening night of “Paradise Square” at the Barrymore Theatre, April 3, 2022 (NDZ/STAR MAX/IP)

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