Dancehall Artist Spice Updates Fans on Her ‘Medical Scare’


Dancehall artist Spice broke her silence to shut down rumors that she fell into a coma following a cosmetic procedure in the Dominican Republic.

On Wednesday, Spice, real name Grace Hamilton, posted a lengthy Instagram statement updating fans on her actual health status after learning about the death and coma rumors.

“Thank you Jesus for saving my life,” Spice wrote with a series of praying hand emojis.

“Hey Besties I’m in a better space today to properly update you on my current health situation.”

The “Romping Shop” rapper provided some context into what landed her in the hospital and ignited the speculation.

“I suffered a damage [sic] hernia a few days ago that sent my body into sepsis,,” Spice explained.

“As a result I was rushed to the hospital for immediate surgery.”

The Love & Hip Hop star said the health scare prompted her to take a break from social media while she recovered. However, during her hiatus, Spice caught wind of damaging rumors surrounding the status of her health.

“Little did I know that during my medical scare it was already been said that I had a heart attack, I was in a Coma , and I also died 🤷🏾‍♀️but none of that is true,” Spice wrote.

The mother of two says she is still “recovering” and is thankful for all the love and support she has been receiving from family, friends, and her fans. The reggae artist is known for her high-energy stage shows that include twerking, splits, and jumping from sound systems.

But amid her recovery, Spice has had to cancel all booking and she plans to refrain from jumping into splits on stage.

“I guess this is no more Jumping off a speaker 🔊 Boxes for me 😂,” she jokingly added.

“To all the promoters that has a confirmed booking with me please accept my humble apology.
CAYMAN I Know you was up next, for 25th of this month however I’ll see you at a later date.”

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