Disney + Releases Trailer for Michael B. Jordan-narrated ‘America The Beautiful’


A new documentary about the United States featuring actor Michael B. Jordan, America The Beautiful, premieres June 13 and Disney + has released the trailer.

The original six-episode series was created by the producers of Planet Earth, Mark Linfield and Vanessa Berlowitz, and is narrated by Jordan, the star of Creed and Black Panther.

America the Beautiful takes the audience on an expansive journey across the country’s vast landscapes. Animals throughout the country are also featured in an attempt by the filmmakers to inspire people to protect the environment.

“The goal is to inspire audiences to conserve the precious habitats and inhabitants found in our own backyards,” Disney said in a press release.

The documentary features music by Joseph Trapanese and is performed by singer Dylan Jennings and Ojibwe Pow Wow drummer and singer Joel Rainey Sr. Houston blues musician Leonard “Lowdown” Brown is also featured in the documentary that captures footage of grizzly bears hunting caribou in Alaska and prairie dogs trying to outrun a tornado.

It also features America’s melting ice caps, bald eagles, black bears carrying cubs through alligator-infested waters, mountain lions looking to mate, whales migrating, and hummingbirds surviving the heat. The Disney + website described the series’ first episode.

“Never-before-seen stories of heroic animals— endearing, majestic and downright bizarre—play out against a breathtaking backdrop of America’s most iconic landscapes. Aerial cameras take viewers on a thrilling journey from the ice caps to the desert, from sea to shining sea. From grizzlies hunting caribou in the Alaskan mountains to prairie dogs battling a tornado, find out what it takes to be an American hero.”

The episode was directed by Maddie Close, who also served as a producer. Dan Rees served as showrunner as well as a producer. The first episode of the National Geographic film, “Land of Heroes” will debut on the fourth of July on Disney +.



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