Former NFL Star Herschel Walker Says Donald Trump is Lying About Asking Him to Run For Senate


Former NFL player Herschel Walker, who has recently won a bid to run for the Senate, is not exactly seeing eye-to-eye with former president of the United States, Donald Trump. According to Mediaite, the ex-USFL player is mad at the former president because he is taking credit for Walker’s decision to run for political office when he says Trump had nothing to do with it at all.

Walker recently spoke to hip-hop entrepreneur and rapper Killer Mike on his talk show, Love & Respect with Killer Mike, on Revolt TV. On the program, the Republican nominee for the Senate seat in Georgia expressed that he was mad at Trump for “taking credit” for his run for the Senate seat. Trump has repeatedly stated that he asked Walker to run and Walker denies that completely.

“One thing that people don’t know is President Trump never asked me. I need to tell him that he never asked. I heard it all on television that he’s going to ask Herschel, saying Hershel is going to run,” Walker stated. “President Trump never came out and said, ‘Herschel, will you run for that Senate seat?’

“So, I’m mad at him because he never asked, but he’s taking credit that he asked.”

In the video clip, Walker admits that the decision came from him and his wife praying and he had hoped someone else would step up to run as his businesses are doing well.

“I prayed about it,” he clarified. “And to be honest with you, I was praying that God would bring somebody else because I’m happy. My life is doing well.”

“But I love the Lord Jesus,” Walker added.

Walker, 59, was a football star at the University of Georgia, winning the 1982 Heisman Trophy as the nation’s most outstanding collegiate player, before playing professional football for the New Jersey Generals of the once-defunct USFL—a team that Trump owned at the time—and later in the National Football League.

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