Jason Derulo Cleans Up Nicely With Car Wash Investment Valued at $2 Billion


International pop star Jason Derulo is hoping to step out of the spotlight thanks to a lucrative investment.

The “Talk Dirty” singer recently appeared on the YouTube show, Forbes Talks, where he discussed his rise to fame in the music industry and on TikTok. The viral sensation then went on to talk about his success in the not-so-popular car wash lane, with a company called Rocket CarWash. “It’s called Rocket CarWash, and Rocket Carwash is basically changing the way that people get their cars washed,” Derulo said. “So it’s an amazing facility, you know? You go in, and you pay a membership, and you can get your car washed at any time.”

Rocket Car Wash can be found in Nebraska, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, and California. While he acknowledged that the car wash business isn’t the sexiest industry to get into, it may be the smartest move. He claims the business is worth $2 billion. Finurah reports the global car wash services market is valued at a little over $29 billion and continuing to rise. From now through 2030, the value is expected to grow at an annual rate of 3.1%.

Derulo compares the car wash business to the likings of Netflix or Spotify. “It is a very unsexy business, but it is a monster. It is like the Spotify model and how Spotify changed the music industry,” the songwriter said. “It is Netflix and how Netflix changed the film industry…If I can get my car washed at any time for a very low, low price, I mean, it beats any other car wash out there, especially it being better than the other ones as well.”

Derulo is familiar with the investment space. According to BBC, he has invested in numerous successful businesses including BBC’s reality show, Project Icon, boxing firm Rumble Boxing and luxury restaurant, Catch LA.

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