Keke Palmer Breaks the Internet With Her Maternity Photoshoot: ‘It’s Giving Masterpiece’


Keke Palmer appears to be over the moon after the actress announced that she was expecting her first child with partner Darius Daulton last month during her appearance on Saturday Night Live. The couple has been dating since 2021. 

Following the reveal, Palmer gave fans a glimpse into her pregnancy by sharing intimate moments on social media and talking about the various things she’s done to help her maintain a balanced life, including taking a much-needed vacation with Daulton. 

Since then, Palmer kept a relatively low profile on her account aside from cracking jokes until Jan. 9 after the Nope star dropped the image of her maternity photoshoot, shot by celebrity photographer David LaChapelle, on Instagram. 

In the photo, Palmer showed off her baby bump by wearing a yellow cut-out ensemble and posing on top of a prop. At the same time, a sitting Daulton looked at the expectant mother in awe as he rocked a white top and pink pants. 

In addition to the snapshot, Palmer expressed in the caption how she and Daulton can’t wait to meet their “little one.” The 29-year-old wrote, “It’s giving poetry. It’s giving Michael Angelo. It’s giving Sistine Chapel. It’s giving masterpiece. Behold, a mother, a father, and the blessed baby, we await in pure awe. The greatest gift from above we could ever dream [of]. We can’t wait to meet you, little one! We are so glad to be your earth parents as God’s hands are placed so gently over your life.”

Toward the end of the caption, Palmer thanked LaChapelle for his work and rapper Nicki Minaj for introducing the pair. She said, “thank you so much, @nickiminaj, for connecting me to @david_lachapelle and making this happen! Thank you, @diandretristan for helping with everything. From this photoshoot to the baby shower, haha, I love you so much, friend!!!”

Despite the maternity shoot, there are no additional details regarding the gender of Palmer and Daulton’s baby and when the star is expected to give birth.


As for Palmer, she credited pregnancy as the reason behind her skin clearing up and the cure for acne. The star said she would be KeKe Wyatt and be pregnant forever.

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