Kris Jenner Is Reportedly Worried About Kylie Jenner’s Out-Of-Control Insane Spending Habits


In the Kardashian/Jenner clan, conspicuous consumption is kind of part of the general PR strategy. But a recent report in Page Six indicates that family matriarch, Kris Jenner, has apparently become “concerned” and/or “worried” about daughter Kylie Jenner’s out-of-control, insane, extravagant spending sprees… not to mention her habit of using social media to brag about using a $72 million private jet, sometimes for criminally short flights.

Recently, Kylie posted a photo to Instagram that showed Kylie and her boyfriend Travis Scott standing in front of two side-by-side private jets. The post included the the now-infamous caption:

You wanna take mine or yours?

In fairness, the post was “liked” more than 8 million times, but it also opened Kylie to endless negative comments from people who thought it was in poor taste AND not exactly in-line with the “eco warrior” image she also tries to portray.

In the following days, Kylie found herself in the hot seat again after it was revealed that she has a habit of making absurdly short hops in her private jet. One particularly bad example that came to light showed how Kylie drove 30 minutes from her home in Hidden Hills to a private airport in Van Nuys, Ca, so she could fly to a private airport in Camarillo, California. Total flight time? 17 minutes. Most controversially, that 30 minute drive from Hidden Hills to Van Nuys was in the opposite direction of Camarillo. Had she simply driven straight from Hidden Hills to Camarillo, she would have gotten there quicker without getting on a climate-killing private jet.

Stunts like these have people describing Kylie as a “climate criminal.” Not exactly the kind of nickname or press that benefits the family’s reputation at large. And on that note, According to an unnamed source who spoke with Page Six, Kris Jenner is fed up with her daughter’s extravagant spending:

“Kylie has been spending so much that, after she bought the jet, her mom had to step in and tell her to slow down.”

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It’s not just the private jet that’s got Kylie’s mom concerned, it’s her whole “lavish lifestyle.” A lifestyle that, according to a source, includes spending $300,000 per month on clothing alone. The source went on:

“Kris is urging her to be more responsible with her money, make wise investments. But Kylie is 24, she has her own brand, and she does what she wants.”

Kylie also has a penchant for grabbing up real estate in California, with as many as five different residences reported to be in her name. There’s her primary residence in Hidden Hills that she paid $12 million for in 2016, but she also has plans for a nearby dream home, purchasing a vacant lot for $15 million and drawing up plans for a custom mansion with architect Richard Landry. Over in Bel-Air, the spring of 2020 saw reports that she paid $36.5 million for a 15,350-square-foot mansion in the neighborhood.

Altogether, she’s said to own some $80 million worth of real estate when you throw in the Beverly Hills mansion she and Scott purchased in 2018 for over $13 million.

The annual property tax bill on $80 million worth of mansion in California comes to $800,000, roughly $67,000 per month.

Private jets are expensive to buy and even more expensive to maintain, and her $72 million Global Express Jet costs a reported $5 million a year in maintenance costs, not to mention the fuel it burns up. Let’s assume Kylie spends $6 million per year maintaining her plane. That’s $500k per month.

The not-quite-billionaire also spends a reported $300,000 to $400,000 a month on security and has a taste for luxury automobiles including a $400,000 Lamborghini Aventador and a $460,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom.

If you total up all the numbers in bold red above, the sum comes to…


That’s nearly $1.3 million EVERY SINGLE MONTH. Also known as $15 million per year. Which requires $30 million per year in pre-tax income to pay for clothes, security, transportation and property taxes.

Whether Kylie will heed her mother’s wisdom and start spending less is anyone’s guess. But the heiress did recently post a TikTok video of herself and her family shopping at a Target store – so maybe the advice is starting to sink in.

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