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Mark Zuckerberg Says Meta Is Working On A Wearable Device For The Wrist That Will Read Neural Signals


Mark Zuckerberg has revealed an upcoming Meta product.

During an interview with live streamer Roberto Nickson, the Meta founder and CEO spoke about what he envisions the future will look like for the company’s Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses. According to Zuckerberg, that vision includes a new wearable technology.

“I think we’ll start getting some consumer neural interfaces soon, and that’s gonna be pretty wild,” Zuckerberg told Nickson. “I’m not talking about something that jacks into your brain. I’m talking about something that you wear on your wrist that can basically read neural signals that your brain sends through your nerves to your hand to basically move it in different subtle ways that are maybe not perceptible to people around you, but we’re basically able to read those signals and be able to use that to control your glasses or other computing devices.”

Along with emphasizing that the device wouldn’t be placed in the brain, Zuckerberg shared that the innovative idea is still in its early stages.

“We haven’t rolled out the first version of that product but playing with it internally; it’s really cool,” he shared.

Earlier in 2024, AFROTECH™ previously shared that Apple is said to be working on a similar wearable electronic device, except Apple’s would specifically be for its AirPods. In July 2023, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) published an application filed by the tech giant in January 2023. The application detailed a wearable electronic device comprised of a processor that is arranged to identify active electrodes for sensing biosignals — “electrical activity of a brain of a user.”

“The processor is further configured to: control the switching circuit for acquiring measurements corresponding to the biosignal being senses using the identified subset of the one or more subsets of active electrodes and the identified subset of the one or more subsets of reference electrodes,” the application wrote.

While there has yet to be an official report about Apple confirming its wearable device, there has been speculation the AirPods 4 are potentially coming in the fall of this year.

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