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Meek Mill Apologizes To The People Of Ghana After Music Video Thought To Be Disrespectful


Meek Mill has apologized for “any disrespect” after filming an unauthorized music video in Ghana’s presidential palace.

Mill traveled to Ghana in December 2022 after learning he had Ghanaian ancestry. The Philly MC made his apologies in a series of tweets on Monday, Jan. 9, after receiving backlash for a music video in which he’s rapping in the halls and corridors of Ghana’s Jubilee House.

“To the people of Ghana no video I drop is ever meant to disrespect the people of Ghana,” Mill wrote. “The fastest way to make connection is thru music and I wanted to do that with displaying art … im in my 30’s from America and didn’t know much about the lifestyle here.”

“My apologies to the people if any disrespect! We still gonna push to make the connection between black people in America and Africa,” Mill reiterated in a follow-up tweet. He added, “what I’m trying to do is more than a video and you should see coming soon! My apologies to the the office also!”

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Mill apologized after many Ghanaian podcasters, media personalities and locals expressed outrage over the video. Many deemed it disrespectful since filming at the palace is not usually permitted. Some said it was a security breach.

“Well I for one will stand up and say what you did was disgraceful, disrespectful, and a disgust to our motherland Ghana. It’s a breach of our National Security. Go and do that at the White House with President Joe Biden,” @Katigofficial tweeted and tagged Mill.

Richard Ahiagbah, the communications director for Ghana’s ruling party, said the president did not authorize the video.

“Meek Mill music’s video was not sanctioned by the Presidency. Its permission was not sought whatsoever for the use of the video. The musician has realized his indiscretion, apologized & taken down the video,” Ahiagbah tweeted.

Some pointed out it was the government people were upset at and not necessarily Mill. To this, Mill said he didn’t think officials at the palace realized he was shooting an actual music video.

“I don’t think they knew it was video footage when we asked to shoot its a small camera and one kid … in America we didn’t know this existed and was excited to show because they don’t show Ghana on our media much! So I’ll take responsibility for my mistake! Not intentional,” Mill said.

The incident also fueled the Diaspora Wars that are becoming more prevalent on social media. A Ghanaian blogger called Mill an “akata” – a derogatory slur some West Africans use to shame Black Americans.

“No Ghanaian can do that at the White House! Twene Jonas has descended heavily on the leadership of the country for allowing an ‘akata from the US,’ Meek Mill shoot a music video at the Jubilee House,” @AmistyTv tweeted.

This prompted a response from Tariq Nasheed, who coined the term Foundational Black American, to respond.

“Meek Mill went over to Ghana and showed love to everyone there. And now the people there are referring to him as an Akata because he recorded a music video at the Jubilee House there,” Nasheed tweeted.

However, some people, including Mill, pushed back against division among Black people of different cultures.

“Untrue Tariq , one person called him that not all. Ghanaians loved him,” @IboroWillieEtuk responded. “Would you still say on yours space that they don’t sell lands to Black Americans in Africa? Stop spreading hate among black people bros.”

“I’m just not here for no separation of anything black … we already separated enough and don’t understand each others cultures,” Mill tweeted. He added, “let’s used this to help fix that and not more judgement towards each other!”

PHOTOS: Screenshot from snippet of Meek Mill video shot in Ghana’s Jubilee House. (Twitter:

@gyaigyimii) / Image of Meek Mill tweet.

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