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Meet The 2024 AFROTECH™ Future 50 Who Are Actively Shaping A Better Tomorrow


It’s officially time to announce the 2024 AFROTECH™ Future 50!

The AFROTECH™ Future 50 is celebrated in our digital hub and social media platforms. During previous years, the individuals have also been honored in person at the annual AFROTECH™ Conference.

The categories for the 2024 AFROTECH™ Future 50 are Dynamic Investor, Future Maker, Visionary Founder, Changemaker, and Corporate Catalyst.

The criteria for each are as follows, as previously shared by AFROTECH™:

  • Dynamic Investors are venture capitalists who have made significant contributions to advancing underserved tech founders.
  • Future Makers have spearheaded groundbreaking tech innovation.
  • Visionary Founders lead remarkable company growth and promote diversity and inclusion.
  • Changemakers have made a significant social impact in the tech industry.
  • Corporate Catalysts actively promote diversity and redefine and implement initiatives to do so.

Established in 2022, the AFROTECH™ Future 50 aims to spotlight contributions Black tech leaders make to the industry.

According to data from Pensions & Investments, 4% of investment partners are Black. In addition, Black business owners own 3.5 million businesses in the U.S., per SBA’s Office of Advocacy.

As the representation of Black leaders in tech sectors gradually increases, now is the time to highlight innovative companies and the impactful moves the underrepresented group is making. Not only does it help open the door to more forward-thinking discourse, it will lead to more innovation and break barriers in our communities.

The 2024 AFROTECH™ Future 50 list includes exceptional individuals such as Jaycee Holmes, Larry Wallace Jr., Ciara Imani May, Denise Woodard, and Nasir Qadree, among others.

To check out the full 2024 AFROTECH™ Future 50, click here.

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