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Meet The Entrepreneur Behind A Georgia-Based Candle Business Introducing STEM To Children


Anikitia Abram leads the first Black- and woman-owned candle-making studio in Middle Georgia, according to the Macon.

She accomplished this feat in July 2023 with the opening of Pretty Lux Co., which offers candle, skin, and hair products that are “100% vegan, cruelty free, and created with minimal ingredients,” per its website. For Abram, that means using locally-sourced materials and remaining environmentally conscious during production.

“Pretty Lux Co. is not just a business; it’s a movement toward greater wellness and understanding, providing a nurturing environment that supports both personal and communal growth,” Abram told the Macon. “This foundational inspiration continues to drive every aspect of Pretty Lux Co., guiding our mission to enrich lives through both our products and our educational initiatives.”

Those initiatives encompass a focus on engaging the community in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through candle and skincare development.

“By integrating STEM into the art of candle and skincare production, we aim to empower our community,” she mentioned to the outlet. “This integration not only enhances the quality and effectiveness of our products but also demystifies complex scientific concepts, making them accessible and engaging. The result is a unique space where creativity meets education, where customers can find products that enhance their well-being while gaining insights into the science that makes them effective.”

Through The CandleSTEM Collective, Abram hosts STEM workshops and events in partnership with nearby schools and community centers. She also works with Spelman College, offering guidance through its Black Beauty STEMinist Symposia and Lab Intensive.

The goal is to scale the education program to reach future generations.

“Through these initiatives, we aim to empower and inspire the next generation of Black women in STEM, emphasizing the importance of diversity in scientific and entrepreneurial fields,” she expressed, per the Macon. “These efforts are a testament to our dedication to serving and uplifting the community by providing valuable educational experiences and support.”

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