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Michelle T Ghee Announces Departure As CEO Of Ebony


Michele T Ghee has announced her departure as CEO of historic Black media publications Ebony and Jet. Ghee shared the news of her exit in a LinkedIn post on Wednesday, July 13.

In the post, Ghee discussed some of the highlights of her 19-month tenure with the magazines, along with photos of herself with comedian and actor Martin Lawrence, whom she credited with giving her sage advice over two decades ago.

“During my tenure at Ebony, It was my honor to play a pivotal role in its resurgence, brand positioning (Moving Black Forward) work with amazing partners, help build out EBONY studios, hire and work collaboratively with amazing team members to name a few!” Ghee wrote.

“This picture was taken at one of my favorite shoots. @martinlawrence gave me some of the best life advice 20 plus years ago: “Success speaks louder than words. Silence the doubters with your journey to greatness!” Thanks @martinlawrence for your wisdom,” ghee continued. “My journey to greatness is only beginning. Along the way, I plan on continuing to elevate and love on this amazing community I serve. Stay tuned Family!”

Ghee was named CEO of the sister magazines shortly after former NBA player Ulysses “Junior” Bridgeman purchased them out of bankruptcy in Dec. 2020. Under her leadership, the magazines announced a shift in focus to wealth building and small business content in 2021.

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“African Americans are not getting compensated, they’re not getting honored, they’re not getting hired at the rate at which they’re contributing to the American fabric,” Ghee said at the time.

“We have to begin to educate, but also give people tools so that they can too begin to build their businesses,” Ghee continued. “I’m flying from place to place literally meeting small business owners asking: How can we help you, how can we support?”

Before joining Ebony and Jet, Ghee already boasted an impressive career working with some of the most well-known brands in television and entertainment.

Among them are BET Networks, ME, CNN, A&E and The History Channel. Ghee was the creative visionary behind BETHer, the first and only network for Black women, according to a bio on her website.

Many LinkedIn users congratulated her and wished her well in her future endeavors.

“Congratulations on all of your accomplishments. Ebony is among Black Americans’ and America’s most important and iconic institutions. I hold tight to the August 1970 magazine edition that asks, “Which Way Black America?” Interestingly, we are still asking ourselves this question,” Lisa Sloane commented. “And may I just say, you are rocking the hairstyle and dress! Love it!”

“Living well and on purpose is the best declaration! Neither your doubters nor your haters define YOU! And Sister Michele T. Ghee, you are still adding CHAPTERS to your epic tale of success. From one Cornellian to another,” Christopher Taylor replied.

“Michele T Ghee you managed to rejuvenate and push culture forward during your time at Ebony. It was amazing to watch and we will all continue to cheer very loud during your next adventure,” Gail Peterson wrote. “Because you are right success is louder than words, but cheers and support can also make the naysayers harder to hear :). Onwards!”

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