National Urban League Announces Reclaim Your Vote Campaign


It’s no secret that Republican-led states are trying to suppress the votes of Black people, but the National Urban League is making sure voters are prepared with its “Reclaim Your Vote” campaign.

The “Reclaim Your Vote” campaign is making sure Black voters have the information and documents needed to vote in the midterm elections. Additionally, the campaign provides a checklist and events that people can participate in or volunteer at before the big day.

Since Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election, numerous GOP-led states have filed election restriction laws on early voting, drop boxes, and absentee voting. Some of the bills have made it illegal to provide food and water to voters waiting in line. Florida and Georgia have even given police the power to investigate and arrest people at polling locations.

“Reclaim Your Vote” has a bevy of digital tools where users can find out if they’re registered to vote, polling locations and hours, and a list of each state’s voter ID laws to help them avoid legal trouble and ensure their choices count. Users can scan the QR codes on the campaign’s main page for more information.

There’s a lot on the line in this year’s midterm elections as Republicans continue to push their agendas which include school choice, the end of abortions, and blocking Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan. Meanwhile, the midterms give Democrats a chance to gain more seats in the House and in the Senate to combat climate change, continue fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, and manage rising inflation.

This year’s midterm elections feature 19 Black candidates, the most Black candidates in an election in U.S. history. Notable includes Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock, Arkansas gubernatorial candidate Chris Jones, Maryland gubernatorial candidate Wes Moore, and Florida senatorial candidate Val Demings. 

“Reclaim Your Vote” also has information about where you can volunteer and become involved in the democratic process.

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