Shaq’s Ex, Hoopz, Cartwheels Into Her 40s With Cheeky Video


Hoopz, from VH1’s Flavor of Love, celebrated her 40th birthday by posting a cheeky video that reminded fans why Shaquille O’Neal almost married the reality star.

Hoopz, born Nicole Alexander, took to Instagram last week to post a video recap of her birthday in Las Vegas. With Hoopz celebrating a milestone birthday, she made sure to enter the next decade of her life in style.

“Flippin into my 40’s like,” Hoopz captioned the post. “I had the best time in Vegas with some of my best friends and by far the funnest thing we did was go to see one of the shows!!”

“On to the next city🥰🥂 Ps. Don’t be surprised if y’all see me next in a Cirque show,” she added.

Hoopz was jubilant as she flipped her short frame down the hall of her hotel. She wore a mini dress that gave viewers a clear shot of her lower region.

Fans took to the comments to applaud Hoopz for her youthful appearance on her 40th birthday.

“You still got it,” one onlooker wrote. “That front flip was so damn smooth …more like flip’n into your 20s,” added someone else.

“Black women gotta be immortal or something,” one Twitter user wrote.

One person gave a nod to Hoopz ex-fiance Shaq, saying, “I see what Shaq saw.”

Hoopz and Shaq dated for three years before calling it quits in 2013. In 2017, she opened up about her time with Shaq and how it helped frame her business mindset.

“I’m still hopeful for love,” she told xoNecole. “Shaquille is so smart in business and look at his wife [Shaunie]…being together with him, you just gotta sit back and soak up [that knowledge] and pray you’re making the right decisions, too.”

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