Tennis Enthusiast Equips Business Owners With Strategies to ‘ACE it’ in Life


Running a successful business can feel like a back-and-forth volley, but this tennis enthusiast’s ACE framework equips business owners with strategies to win the game of life professionally and personally.

Sheronde Glover, a business strategist, speaker, and tennis enthusiast from Atlanta, facilitates strategies for business owners, leaders, and organizations using her skills from the tennis court to advance individuals towards a winning lifestyle. Her goal, to help leaders “ACE it” in life, surrounds strategies of high performance and personal growth.

Although Glover’s education in psychology and communications was a driving factor for starting her business, her passion for tennis played a major role. In an interview with The Higher South, Glover said she began playing tennis after being introduced to the sport through her brother. After multiple lessons, she joined a team, training and entering tournaments year-round. She also drew inspiration from her early career, helping youth in the foster care system plan for their futures.

The more Glover learned about business, the more she desired to help others execute successful business strategies.

“I’ve always been a planner and a strategic thinker. My specialty is inspiring people to reach their goals and potential,” she told The Higher South.

After surveying the struggles most business owners face in areas like marketing, imposter syndrome, and maintaining self-care while running a business, she was able to build her ACE framework as a strategy for business owners to “aim, change and excel.”

The ACE three-step framework helps business owners, managers, visionaries, and CEOs look at their businesses from a new angle. By focusing on executive coaching, culture change, and strategic consulting, Glover’s winning strategies help individuals create a “healthy and sustainable business that inspires them personally and professionally.”

Glover has also served as a business advisor for the Goldman Sachs One Million Black Women: Black in Business program along with her ACE framework.

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