Texas Woman Shot To Death Reportedly Over Beating Man in Basketball


Authorities in Dallas, Texas are investigating the shooting death of a 21-year-old woman after she was allegedly killed over a dispute from a pickup basketball game.

Police say Asia Womack was killed Monday, Oct. 3, after playing basketball that evening at a nearby park up the street from her home.

Womack’s family told Fox 4 she was playing in a pickup game in South Dallas at T.G. Terry Park that she won against the guy who is believed to have shot her.

The alleged shooter reportedly took his kids and brother home and returned to the park, shooting Womack five times, according to the family.

They add there was reportedly trash talk involved during the pickup game.

“This was supposed to be a friend of Womack’s. She’s eaten with the man. She’s fed him, and he turned on her and killed her in a vicious way,” Womack’s mother, Andrea Womack, told Fox 4.

Local Pastor John Delley added during the interview, “This is so senseless. You become embarrassed basically because a female beat you in basketball.”

Authorities say they retrieved video from cameras at a nearby store that possibly captured the car speeding away.

“Detectives are still working the case,” said Kristin Lowman with the Dallas Police Department. “No one is in custody at this time. They’ve been working it since Monday night trying to find justice for Miss Womack.”

Womack was a former basketball player for her high school alma mater, Madison High School.

Authorities are offering $5,000 for information leading to an arrest.

“If you know where he is, where his whereabouts are, please turn him in,” Andrea said during her interview with Fox 4. “Help the family out. We’re hurting.”

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