Tina Knowles’ Home Burglarized With Over $1 Mil Of Valuables Stolen


Tina Knowles, mother of famed singers Beyonce and Solange, may have to make a detour from the Renaissance shows and head back to her Los Angeles estate amidst the news of a burglary. The robbers not only broke into her home she shares with husband, actor Richard Lawson, but also took a safe that held over $1 million in cash and jewelry.

TMZ revealed that the philanthropist was informed of the robbery on Wednesday morning after a member of her team went by to check on the house. Fortunately, the beloved grandmother of four was out of town, presumably supporting Beyonce on her recording-breaking tour, when the home was compromised.

So far, no arrests have been made in regards to the incident, but law enforcement is still investigating, analyzing video footage of the area and questioning some residents who live around the designer.

While 69-year-old is no stranger to home-related issues, as the tabloid reported that she had a man arrested for throwing rocks at her property back in April, Knowles has maintained a relatively lower profile than most, considering both of her daughters’ massive stardom.

However, how trespassers were able to gain access to the inside of her compound is still unknown, with extra curiosity as to how they were able to flee the scene of the robbery while carrying an entire safe and not be caught.

There is also no clear indication of when the valuables were taken, as Knowles has been on a tour of her own for the past few weeks. Just over the 4th of July weekend, the nonprofit founder was one of the many star-studded attendees at Michael Rubin’s famous all white party in the Hamptons.

Maybe its time Knowles move into her daughter and son-in-law Jay-Z’s newest Malibu mega-mansion. With a price tag of $200 million and over 30,000 square feet of property, security on the premises is bound to be tighter.

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