Twitter Drags Michael Blackson After He Makes Unsavory Joke About Brittney Griner


Comedian Michael Blackson is facing backlash after he made an insensitive joke on Twitter Friday, about WNBA star Brittney Griner, who is openly gay and has been married to her wife for three years.

“When Brittany Griner get out I want to be the first one to give her some deek,” wrote the 49-year-old Next Friday actor.

Many found the comment offensive, as it could be misconstrued as a homphobic remark, but also due to the basketball player’s current circumstances. Earlier this month on Aug. 4, Griner was sentenced to nine years in Russian prison, convicted for deliberately smuggling drugs into the country. The sentencing poses concerns that Griner is being held as a political pawn amid the Russia-Ukraine war.

Despite the online outrage, Blackson was unfazed by the insults and scolding. 

Again, he took to Twitter and posted a screenshot of an Instagram DM between himself and the Olympic champion from 2017, where she had sent him a selfie of them together after he asked her for it.

“BG is my homie and she has a great sense of humor, met her 5 yrs ago and we’ve been cool since. I know she’s getting out soon that’s why I’m joking so ya need to stfu Modasuckas,” the internet comedian captioned the image. 

He continued in another tweet, “I don’t care how soft ya want comedians to be. I’m not changing for no one, I make fun of any and everyone. I know this can never happen to me but I need ya to lighten up Modasuckas.”

One week ago, Blackson posted the selfie in the screenshot, in support of the Phoenix Mercury player’s freedom.

“If Biden don’t get you out imma come to Russia and get you out myself but it has to be at night Modasucka. #freebritney,” he captioned the post.

Despite his clearing the air, many were not having it considering she has been held in Russian prison for almost six months now.

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