Unraveling The Mystery Of Andrew Tate’s Purported $300-400 Million Fortune


When you operate a website that reports on the extreme wealth and assets of celebrities, you tend to receive A LOT of feedback from super fans of very specific celebrities. For example, not a day goes by without a Selena Gomez fan telling us to update her page with some random new venture the actress/singer has undertaken.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Taylor Swift fans are extremely passionate about the accuracy and up-to-dateness of Taylor’s net worth page. Same with Beyonce.

But there’s one celebrity whose super fans bombard us more than any other fan group, combined. It’s not Selena, Taylor of Beyonce. If you added up all the DMs and emails we receive in a month about those three, they wouldn’t come close to matching the amount of feedback we get from the fans of…

Andrew Tate

Not a day goes by without someone reaching out to report that our $50 million estimate of Andrew’s net worth is way way way off. According to most of these messages, Andrew Tate’s net worth is $300-400 million.

Here’s a screenshot of feedback emails that contain the phrase “Andrew Tate” from the just the last few days:

That’s 13 emails in a couple days. That’s just emails. We have a dozen DMs on Twitter and Instagram as well.

There are months where we receive hundreds of messages about Tate. That’s especially true when he is in the news, as he is this week after his Twitter interaction with Greta Thunberg:

As we alluded to earlier, roughly 99% of the feedback says something like:

Andrew is worth way way more than $50 million. More like $300-400 million. His car collection is worth more than $50 million.

Net worth should be $400 million. He operates 20 multi-million dollar businesses, earned $100 million off webcam models and owns a casino in Romania.

So what’s the deal? Can we unravel the mystery of Andrew Tate’s purported $300-400 million fortune?

Andrew Tate’s Business Empire

For those who are totally unaware of Andrew Tate, he was actually a fairly successful kickboxer. After starting his professional kickboxing in career in 2005 at the age of 19, within a few years he was ranked as one of the 10-best kickboxers in Britain. He won some fairly notable fights and dabbled a bit in MMA.

Andrew became more widely known in 2016 after appearing on the 17th season of the British reality show “Big Brother.”  Not long after joining the show, a video of Andrew whipping a woman with a belt started to make the rounds on social media. Even though the woman would later confirm that the whipping was consensual, Andrew was booted from Big Brother after just six days.

Hustler’s University

In the years since “Big Brother”, Andrew has forged a career as a self-help guru for men.

One of his biggest sources of income is a subscription advice platform called “Hustler’s University” which offers men advice on how to be more masculine, how to get rich and score babes.

Believe it or not, “Hustler’s University” reportedly has around 100,000 paying subscribers who pay $49.99 per month for access to the service. If true, that means Hustler University is puling down $5 million in monthly revenue, $60 million in annual revenue.


Andrew and his younger brother Tristan have also reportedly made tens of millions… allegedly as much as $100 million… operating a webcam business where men pay $4 per minute to interact with attractive women. The brothers reportedly operate a studio that broadcasts feeds from 75-100 lingerie-clad women, 24 hours a day.

A Romanian Casino?

Another common refrain we hear from the Tate fans is that he and his brother own a casino… or maybe even multiple casinos in Romania (where they both live today). I can’t officially confirm or deny the veracity of this claim. If you do a bit of digging, you will find a number of websites that discuss Andrew’s casino investments. They aren’t super high quality sources and the content is reads like robot-written PR embellishment.

For example, here’s how one site claims Andrew got involved in the casino business:

Andrew Tate’s entrance into the casino industry came about when he met a casino owner whilst commentating on a cage-fighting show in Romania… Eager to diversify his business ventures following his retirement from fighting, Tate proposed investing in a franchise model with the sponsor, setting up his own casinos in Romania under the company’s existing brand name.

After much negotiation, the sponsor agreed to Tate’s terms and the casino business was booming from the offset!

Tate managed to bat off the competition by giving away free coffee at his casinos. Believing Starbucks’ coffees to be overpriced, he thought a casino offering free drinks would set his establishment aside from the competition in Romania – and he wasn’t wrong. Andrew Tate now earns millions of dollars a month from this casino business.

Free coffee leads to millions of dollars a month in earnings? Excuse me while I research offering free coffee to all visitors of CelebrityNetWorth…

Here’s Andrew himself telling roughly the same story in an interview:

So what should we believe?

It’s perfectly possible that Andrew indeed has invested in casinos in Romania. Personally, I find it somewhat hard to believe that this investment is resulting in millions of dollars in monthly income. But I could be wrong. Putting it all together, here are the broad strokes that make up Andrew Tate’s purported empire:

  • 100k Hustler University subscribers paying $49.99 per month… $60m per year
  • $100 million webcam business
  • Millions in monthly casino income

If all of that was 100% true, then yes I guess I could see a world where Andrew Tate was worth over $100 million today. Maybe even $300-400 million. Personally I think a good chunk of the above claims are exaggerations, which is why we maintain our current $50 million net worth estimate.

But I’d love to be proven wrong! One thing I know for sure, after we publish this article a hundred Tate fans will be reaching out to do just that!

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