Here’s What Kalen DeBoer Is Making At Alabama (Hint: Nearly As Much As Nick Saban)


After Nick Saban‘s stunning retirement shook up the college football world, Alabama moved quickly to sign his replacement. The Crimson Tide announced Kalen DeBoer as its new head coach. The former Washington Huskies coach had just led his team to the national title game, a new experience for Washington but a familiar spot for Alabama under Saban.

Now, we have a better idea of what DeBoer will be making at Alabama. The school inked him to an eight-year deal worth at least $87 million. Alabama also announced new contracts for head basketball coach Nate Oats and athletic director Greg Byrne.

DeBoer earned $4.2 million per season at Washington. This new contract will more than double his annual salary, giving him just under $11 million a year with the potential for more based on certain performances from his team.

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If DeBoer and Alabama reach the title game in the College Football Playoff, DeBoer will earn an extra $600,000. Winning the whole thing would net him another $875,000. That’s a recurring bonus, so while it’s highly unlikely the Crimson Tide win eight straight titles, DeBoer could potentially make $11.8 million in additional money.

It’s one of the largest contracts for any head football coach — even though Nick Saban earned slightly more. Saban signed an eight-year, $94 million extension in 2022; last season, he made $11.4 million. Over the course of his Alabama tenure, he surpassed $120 million in career earnings.

However, DeBoer has a chance to make a higher salary than Saban as this deal goes along. DeBoer’s contract will run through the end of the 2033 calendar year. He’ll receive $250,000 raises each season, culminating in an $11.75 million salary in the final season.

The language in the contract also includes a few early-leave penalties. If DeBoer leaves next season, he’d owe Alabama $5 million. He’d also have to pay for leaving in 2025, 2026, or 2027. After that, he wouldn’t owe any money if he chose to depart from the Crimson Tide.

DeBoer made the title game and it was a pleasant surprise for Washington fans. At Alabama, that’ll be the status quo. After all, he’s following a legend.

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